Dhaka to Khulna: by Bus, Train, Air & Launch

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The third largest city in the northwestern corner of Bangladesh, Khulna, awaits you with its mesmerizing natural treasures. The Sundarbans, world’s largest mangrove forest, was a strong contender in the race of world’s top 7 natural wonders. The wildlife, the unbroken canopy of the lofty tree tops for mile and miles there, will make you speechless. The tiger prawns, lobsters, catfishes and crabs, some mouth-watering delicacies all over the planet, are grown widely here. Going to pack? Wait, I am not done. I didn’t even tell you about Mongla Port, the second sea port of this country, situated just in the outskirt area of Khulna. Can you imagine a city that is free from polluted air, not so much crowd yet up to date? Khulna is exactly that.

Dhaka To Khulna By Bus

Khulna is about 333 Km away from the capital city, so usually takes 6-7 travelling hours to reach your destination. Roads are free and you will get an interesting motion picture of traditional Bangladeshi standard of living. There are Non AC, AC Economy and Executive bus services from Dhaka to Khulna, serving many private companies along with the Government BRTC bus service. So hop in one of them, they are leaving Dhaka in every half an hour, from early morning to midnight.

Phone Numbers of Intercity Bus Services

Company Name Coach Type Price (Tk)
AK Travels AC Chair Coach 550
AK Travels AC Economy 1000
Ara Paribahan Pvt. Ltd. AC Chair Coach 450
Banaful Transport AC Chair Coach 450
Dola Paribahan Ltd AC Chair Coach 340
Eagle Paribahan AC Economy 850
Eagle Paribahan Non AC 500
Ehsan Paribahan Non AC 400
Green Line AC Economy 950
Parjatak Paribahan Sonadanga Non AC 520
Parjatak Paribahan Non AC 500
Shohagh Paribahan AC Economy 1000
Shohagh Paribahan Non AC 500
Shohagh Paribahan AC Executive 1200
Sundarban Service Pvt. Ltd. Non AC 500
Soudia Paribahan Non AC 450

Travel Tip: A night journey will reduce the journey fatigue and will save you a full day of vacation. But if you can make an early morning voyage, you can enjoy the unique beauty of the countryside. The people, roadside “Bazaar”s or street foods will give you the perfect blend of living.

Dhaka to Khulna By Train

Bangladesh Railway has two intercity express trains running between Dhaka and Khulna. They are available on five weekdays, exceptions are Saturday and Monday. Before you are booking a ticket, be sure about its current schedule from their website or close to your rail station.

 Name Departure Arrival Price (Tk) Off Day
 Sundarban Express 06:20 16:20 400-1400 Saturday
 Chittra Express 19:00 05:10 390-1390 Monday

Travel Tip: Night journey is time-saving, go on a sleep when the train moves. At morning, there is your destination and you are fitted on your top to explore all of it. But a small proposal of mine, if you are travelling with friends or fiancée, a train journey will be the best option to have a cheerful chitchat or a romantic crossing of your life. Who can measure the price of those precious moments?

Dhaka To Khulna By Air

There is no direct flight to Khulna, due to lack of any domestic airport. But you can reach Jessore, which is only 71 Km away from Khulna city and every airline, serving there, has wonderful bus service from the Jessore domestic airport for the Khulna urban area.

Name Departure Arrival Price (Tk)
United Airways 10:50 11:35 4000-6500
NovoAir 13:10 13:50 4500-6000

Travel Tip: If you are planning for a quick and short weekend, this will be the best option for you. Just step on any of these comfortable planes, no travel fatigue and you will have more time to spend for your upcoming excitements.

Dhaka To Khulna By Launch

There is a rocket paddle steamer service running six days between Dhaka to Khulna (without Fridays), through the vast rivers of this green delta. It departs at 6.30 PM for Halurhat inland port. The boat has two levels, the front side of the upper class is usually for first class cabins. Double cabins have two single beds, wash basin, fans and light. Single cabins hold the same, just one less bed. Two first-class cabins have a common room with sofa and dining table. But the real attraction of first class is in the front side of the upper deck, sit on the comfy chairs and enjoy the marvels of the Mighty Padma with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

For the second class, rooms are smaller, no bed linens or wash basins. But there are some chairs outside the cabin to view the serenity and divinity of Bangladesh’s most honored rivers. Just look at nature’s impartialities, it doesn’t matter if you are travelling to first or second class, you will get the same things from it. You just have to have the eyes to see.