Top 8 Budget Buffet Restaurants in Dhaka (2019)

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If you guys are anything like me (i.e. an extreme foodie), then you’re always on the lookout for great deals on amazing food. Just because it’s one of the basic necessities of life doesn’t mean that we cannot overindulge in it every once in a while, right? Here are my top 8 budget buffet restaurants in Dhaka that will not destroy your wallet!

Shukran, Dhanmondi (Tk 550 Dinner/Lunch Buffet)

This restaurant has traditional food as well as unlimited pizzas, Continental, Thai, Chinese, Indian and fast food dishes. The décor is quite classy and elegant, and this place is a great budget-friendly option to treat your friends and family. This buffet in Dhaka has 40+ items.

Must-try items: Jongli Khichuri, Firni, Pizza, Pankha Fry/ Wings

RedRes, Ring Road, Shyamoli (Tk 500 Buffet on weekends)

This restaurant has amazing Chinese food on their menu, which is unlimited! Their hot appetizers and thick Thai soup are great. This restaurant also has unlimited pizza. Head there early since the buffet can get crowded.

Must-try items: Spring rolls, special firni, sweet and sour chicken, grilled chicken, rice items

Shukran Buffet Restaurant

The Café Rio Uttara/Dhanmondi (Tk 500 Lunch, Tk 690 Dinner Buffet)

This restaurant has two branches. For pizza lovers, there’s 2/3 kinds of pizzas here (unlimited) alongside other items spring rolls, wontons, soups, salads, pasta, chowmein, fried rice, curries and desserts.

Must-try items: Pizza, Thai soup, wontons, chowmein, desserts

Aangan, Malibagh Chowdhury Para (Tk 500 Lunch/Dinner Buffet)

This restaurant is exciting because it has 50 items on the buffet menu at an affordable price! The food is mostly Thai, Chinese or Indian—but it is all very tasty. If you do go here, you should try out the fire paan after your meal—it is an unforgettable experience!

Must-try items: Fried rice, butter naan, karahi chicken, bbq chicken, Thai soup, desserts, fire paan

Flavours Music Café, Satmasjid Road (Tk 450 Lunch/Tk 500 Dinner Buffet)

At Flavours Music Café, do try out the Chinese/Thai options if you are there, as I believe these are the best items in the place. It also has many dessert items for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Must-try items: Pasta salad, spring rolls, fried rice, pudding, all chicken/beef curries

The Buffet King, Bashundhara R/A (Tk 549 Lunch/Tk 649 Dinner Buffet)

All the dishes cooked here taste great, as if cooked at home by your mother. Amongst the mains, the dory fish and the fried rice are standout dishes to try.

Must-try items: chicken corn soup, dory fish, tandoori chicken, fried rice

Sky Room Dining, Banani (Tk 700+ for Buffet)

The best thing about this restaurant is that there are a range of buffet prices you can choose for your meal; and you can select the options you want from available items! A truly great place to eat for larger groups!B

Must-try items: Top hat (starter), hot and sour soup, Javanese chicken curry, beef Balinese, chowmein, Crème caramel

Platinum Club, Jigatala Main Road (Tk 380 Lunch/Tk 480 Dinner Buffet)

This restaurant has great food in an amazing ambience, all at an affordable price! They do not overcrowd the menu with too many dishes, so you can taste everything on the menu.

Must-try items: Mongolian chicken, fried rice, chicken vegetable, Thai soup, shahi tukra  

So there you have it, my top 8 picks for a budget buffet restaurants in Dhaka, that doesn’t break your bank; and yet satisfies extreme hunger in a way that only buffets can. The next time you want to treat loved ones to a delicious meal, go ahead and check out these places—you may be pleasantly surprised!

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