Top 50+ Iftar Offers by Restaurants of Dhaka (2019)

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Ramadan has arrived, and with it the time for enjoying great food at Iftar with family and friends. Every restaurant, café and hotel has incredible iftar offers and deals that will make breaking your fast that much more enjoyable and satisfying. To help you make an informed choice when going out, below are some of the very best Iftar offers by restaurants of Dhaka.

This list of great iftar offers is separated into 3 parts:

  1. Buffet Offers
  2. Unlimited Pizza & Burger offers
  3. Iftar Platters


Buffet Iftar Offers of 2019

If you want to indulge in a massive buffet during this Ramadan, checkout the offers below:

The Westin, Gulshan- 2

Menu type: Continental/ Mediterranean/ European (depending on choice of restaurant)

Iftar Offer: Their different restaurants offer different deals. If you want a buffet iftar, you should visit Seasonal Taste restaurant which is 6990 taka per person. But there are buy one get one free offer on few cards. Buffet at Splash is Tk. 4500 per head. There are takeaway iftar boxes available too.

Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden

Iftar Menu type: Middle- Eastern/ Continental/ European (varies based on restaurant of choice)

Iftar Offer: Iftar + dinner buffet in Grand Ballroom starting at Tk. 1599++, “Essence of Arabia” Iftar + dinner buffet offer @ Tk. 3900++ for adults (1900++ for children) (BOGO free offer on selected cards) (B1G3 for DBBL cardholders)

Radisson Iftar Offer

Garlic n Ginger, JFP/Dhanmondi

Menu Type: Mixed

Iftar Offer: Fantastic buffet iftar and dinner at 1099+ taka. They have a wide spread menu which you can choose from.

Tao Town, Opposite Dhanmondi 9/A

Iftar Menu type: Asian fusion (buffet)

Iftar offer: Tk. 1099 per person (all inclusive) for an all you can eat iftar offer in this Dhaka restaurant.

Tao Town Iftar Offer

Six Seasons, Gulshan- 2

Iftar Menu type: Differs (according to selected restaurant)

Iftar Offer: They have 3 restaurants in their hotel. And all 3 of them have their unique iftar offering. Old Town buffet at Vinno Shaad @ Tk. 3599, Oriental buffet at Bunka @ Tk. 3899, Arabian buffet at Sky Pool @ Tk. 3999 (all inclusive) (BOGO free for cards from over 10 banks) (B1G2 free for DBBL cardholders)

138 East, Gulshan- 1

Iftar Menu type: Chinese/ Indian/ European/ Local

Iftar Offer: Buy one get one free Iftar + dinner buffet @ Tk. 2500++ (for cardholders of 5 specific banks, and Robi Axiata users)

Baton Rouge, Gulshan-2

Iftar Menu type: Italian/Asian/Continental

Iftar Offer: Tk. 1175+ per head for Iftar + dinner buffet (with takeaway services) (half price for children ages 5-10)

Mughal Aroma Restaurant and Party Center, Uttara

Menu type: Mughal/ Indian/ Chinese

Iftar Offer: Tk. 550 for Iftar + Dinner buffet which includes 65+ items for hungry souls.

Mughal Aroma Iftar Offer

Real Thai, Sonargaon Janapath, Uttara

Menu type: Thai/ Local

Iftar Offer: Their ramadan offer includes iftar platter and buffet dinner. It costs 999++ per person.

Real Thai

Lakeshore Hotel, Banani

Menu type: Chinese/ Thai/ Continental
Iftar Offer: This buffet iftar and dinner combo costs Tk. 2350. There is buy one get one free offer available.

Lakeshore Iftar Offer

Chilekotha, Dhanmondi Road- 8

Menu type: Chinese/ Thai/ Local

Iftar Offer: Tk. 490 unlimited buffet Iftar with no additional charges is available in this Dhaka restaurant during this ramadan. They also have platters for two.

Chilekotha Iftar Offer

Shukran, Dhanmondi Road- 2

Menu type: Middle-Eastern/ Mediterranean/ Italian/ Continental/ Chinese/ Local/ Mughal

Iftar Offer: Iftar + dinner buffet of over 40 items priced @ Tk. 690 per head (all inclusive)

Shukran Iftar Offer

Lotus Etang, Gulshan Avenue

Menu type: Pan-Asian

Iftar Offer: Tk. 1200++ per person for Iftar + dinner buffet. Buy one get one free offer is also available for SCB cardholders.

Unlimited Pizza & Burger Offers of 2019 Ramadan

If unlimited Pizza or burger are your thing, checkout this list below:

Pizza Guy, Banani

Iftar Menu: Pizza

Iftar Offer: Unlimited pizza of 15+ types of pizza is available for 899 taka.

Pizza Hut, all branches

Iftar Menu type: Pizza

Iftar Offer: Tk. 819 per person (all inclusive) for unlimited pizza offer during iftar.

Pizza Hut

Takeout, all branches

Iftar Menu type: American, fast food

Iftar Offer: The Ramadan deal in this popular burger joint is Tk. 699 for unlimited burgers and one regular soft drink

PastaMania, Gulshan-2

Iftar Menu type: Italian (buffet)

Iftar Offer: This buffet iftar menu is 820 taka per head. It has soups, cheddar cheese sticks, 3 types of wings, Chef’s special appetizers, pastas, and a variety of pizzas. Bonus points for unlimited soft drinks!


Burger King, all branches

Iftar Menu type: Burgers

Iftar Offer: Unlimited burgers @ Tk. 999 (all inclusive) and a small soft drink; add Tk. 100 for bottomless drinks.

burger king

Cheez, Banani Road-17/A

Iftar Menu type: Pizzas (buffet) and bottomless Coke

Iftar Offer: Tk. 999 (all inclusive); you have to finish the meal within 90 minutes


Café Cherry Drops, both branches

Menu type: Italian (Mostly pizzas)

Iftar Offer: Unlimited pizza offer for Ramadan @ Tk. 699 (add 100 for unlimited drinks). they wil lhave 5 different choice of Pizzas available during iftar.

Filmy Café, Shekhertek, Mohammadpur

Menu type: Continental/ Italian/ American

Iftar Offer: Unlimited offer for everyone! Unlimited fried chicken @ Tk. 399, unlimited pizza @ Tk. 499, unlimited soup and unlimited combo @ Tk. 649, bottomless drinks at Tk. 76 (all inclusive)

Fixed Iftar Platters of 2019

Checkout this list of tasty platters offered by restaurants of Dhaka during this Ramadan.

Tarka, Banani Road-10

Iftar Menu type: 5 different Indian platters

Iftar Offer: Iftar thali Tk. 699++, Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani thali Tk. 520++, Naan thali Tk. 599++, Rice thali Tk. 550++, Tandoori Kabli Biryani thali Tk. 580++, Iftar thali Tk. 699++


Urban Spoon, Banani Road-11

Iftar Menu type: Middle-Eastern/Local/ American fusion

Iftar Offer: They have 2 iftal platters. Nawaazish platter @ Tk. 499+ and Shukrana platter @ Tk. 649+

Common items: egg chop, vegetable pakora, spring roll, chicken shashlik, Urban chicken kabab, lemon sponge cake, lime drink, dates (difference in mains)

Mains for Nawaazish platter: chicken satay, poached egg, potato wedges

Mains for Shukrana platter: fried rice, sautéed vegetables, ¼ BBQ chicken

Urban Spoon

The SweetSin Coffees, Dhanmondi 9/A

Iftar Menu type: Mediterranean/ Continental

Iftar Offer: Turkish chicken steak platter @ Tk. 630; Lemon butter fish platter @ Tk. 690 (+ Tk. 100 to add any flavored lemonade to platter)

Sultan’s Dine, all branches

Iftar Menu type: Mughal (Plain Polao/Kacchi Iftar Platters)

Iftar Offer: Good for friends going together. Tk. 570/629 per person, 1650/1779 (3 people); and 2699/2989 (5 people) (all inclusive)

Sultans Dine

Coffeelicious Coffee, all branches

Menu type: Continental/ snack items (4 platters to choose from: steak, BBQ, burger and peri-peri)

Iftar Offer: Tk. 375 to 750 (depending on choice of platter) (all inclusive)

Boma Burger, Banani

Menu Type: Burger

Iftar Offer: Iftar meal with 3 burgers at 775 taka.

Boma Burger

Yum Cha District, All Branches

Menu type: Cantonese

Iftar Deal: 2 platters are available at the restaurant at 995 taka.

Yum Cha District

Yue Kee Central, Opposite Dhanmondi 12/A

Menu type: Cantonese

Iftar Offer: Two different platters available at Tk. 795+ and 885+

Yue Kee Central

The Old Street, Opposite Dhanmondi 12/A

Menu type: Continental/ Fast food

Iftar Offer: Tk. 1399 for a platter for two (all inclusive) (contains dates, momos, spring rolls, onion rings, chickpea salad, chicken wings, grilled chicken, fish fillet, beef steak, fried rice, sautéed veg, dessert of the day, iced lemon tea and a water)

The Manhattan Fish Market

Menu type: Sea Food

Iftar Offer: Tk. 399 and 499 (two different Iftar platters, Cra-Sea Island and Mussel Island)

Manhattan Fish Market

Kavan Restaurant, Khilgaon Chowdhury Para

Menu type: Indian/ Continental

Iftar Offer: They have 2 packages for Iftar. Package 1 is Tk. 395 per head, Package 2 is Tk. 2395 for 4 people (all inclusive). The platter includes mutton leg roast!


The Dining Lounge, all branches

Menu type: Italian/ Chinese

Iftar Deal: Platter-1 (Chinese) Tk. 460 per head, Platter-2 (Italian; main pasta) Tk. 460 per head, Platter-3 (Italian; main pizza) Tk. 1350 for 3 people, (offers available for dine-in, takeaway and home delivery)

Madchef, all Dhaka branches

Menu type: Burgers and fast food

Iftar Offer: Iftar takeaway box @ Tk. 349+; and 2 different platters @ Tk. 649 each (separate offers for Sylhet and Chattogram branches)


Izakaya, Opposite Dhanmondi 12/A

Menu type: Japanese

Iftar Deal: Those who love Japanese and want to enjoy iftar here, they have 3 bento box platters. Hibachi Chicken bento @ Tk. 790++, Salmon teppenyaki bento @ Tk. 805++, Beef teppenyaki bento @ Tk. 865++


Canton House, Uttara

Menu type: Cantonese

Iftar Offer: Menus for 2, 4 and 10 people available; priced @ Tk. 3250, 5500 and 15,000 respectively (all inclusive)

The Smokes, Gulshan- 1

Menu type: Chinese/ Continental/ American (BBQ)

Iftar Offer: Chicken platter @ Tk. 449+, Fish platter @ Tk. 449+, Ribs platter @ Tk. 549+

The Smokes

S’Mores Café and Restaurant, Dhanmondi Road- 2

Iftar Menu type: Mediterranean/ American/ Continental

Iftar Offer: Istanbul Chicken Shish Taouk platter @ Tk. 590+, Tehran Beef Koobideh Kabab Platter @ Tk. 690+

Chunk, Dhanmondi Road- 5

Menu type: Italian/ American (Fast food and BBQ)

Iftar Deal: 5 different Iftar platters @ Tk. 250, 2 platters @ Tk. 300 each, Tk. 450 and Tk. 720 respectively


The Stubborn Goat, Dhanmondi Road- 27

Menu type: American BBQ/ Indian Tandoori

Iftar Menu: Stubborn Meat Platter @ Tk. 799+, Steak and fries platter @ Tk. 999+, Surf and Turf platter @ Tk. 1399+. All the offers come with unlimited lemonades.

The Stubborn Goat

Alfresco, all branches

Menu type: Italian/ Mexican/ Continental

Iftar Deal: Rice platter @ Tk. 449+, pasta platter @ Tk. 499+, pizza platter @ Tk. 599+

Fool’s Diner, Banani Road- 11

Menu type: Japanese/ Chinese

Iftar Offer: Iftar Bento box is priced at Tk. 955+ in this cozy restaurants.

Fools Diner

Hakka Kitchen, Dhanmondi Road- 28 (Old)

Menu type: Hakka Chinese

Offer: Tk. 1200 for 2 and Tk. 2400 for 4 people (all inclusive) with a free fruit platter and lime juice

BBQ Bangladesh, all branches

Menu type: BBQ (International)

Iftar Offer: Korean charbroiled grilled chicken platter @ Tk. 599+, Jamaican grilled chicken platter @ Tk. 699+, (different offers for Shimanto Shambhar branch)

BBQ Bangladesh

Café Euphoria, Banani Road- 11

Menu type: Indian/ Continental/ Chinese/ Thai Fusion

Iftar Offer: There are three platters available this Ramadan. The platters are Tk. 499+, Tk. 549+ and Tk. 569+

Herfy Bangladesh, Gulshan Avenue

Menu type: Fast food/ Middle Eastern

Iftar Deal: Six-pack @ Tk. 399, Marhaba chicken/ Marhaba beef platter (@ Tk. 449 each), Chicken Tortilla/ Super Chilli Chicken- 5-in-a-box (@ Tk. 499 each)

Tony Roma’s Bangladesh, Gulshan- 2

Menu type: BBQ

Iftar Offer: Chicken meal @ Tk. 599++, chicken and ribs platter @Tk. 999++, steak platter for 2 @ Tk. 2399++, Roma’s premium platter for 2 @ Tk. 3799++

Pizza Roma, all branches

Iftar Menu type: Italian

Iftar Offer: Ramadan meal with one 12” pizza, one dessert and one order of chicken wings @ Tk. 1100

Pizza Roma

Tree House, Banani Road- 13

Iftar Menu type: BBQ/ Grilled, Bento Box

Iftar Offer: Iftar Bento 1 (main dish= chicken) @ Tk. 975+, Iftar Bento 2 (main dish= beef sirloin steak) @ Tk. 1475+

Tree House

Did we miss any popular iftar offer in Dhaka restaurants? Let us know in comments below.