We Traveled to India & Back at 6870Tk Like a Boss!

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Six of us went to India this February (February 17); ruled the streets of Kolkata and Darjeeling and returned home on February 27. And all this at a cost of only 6870Tk per person, excluding food and shopping.


You too can cut your costs alot when going on a trip, not only abroad but also within the country, only if you spend some time preparing a well thought itinerary. Itineraries will help you to keep on track and will ensure that you visit all the places there are to visit!

Here is the itinerary we followed

We had to make some adjustments to Day 5, 6 and 7 of our tour as Going to Sikkim is not allowed without prior approval; we did not know that before leaving for India. So, we had to ditch the Sikkim part of the tour and as our train tickets were booked from Bangladesh we had 2 more days to spend at Darjeeling. We ended up saving 2000Tk each by not going to Sikkim.

As you can see, foreign trips are not that expensive… all you need is an adventurous soul and the will to do it. I will post some pages from my travel journal about the India Trip soon.

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