Places to See in Khagrachhari

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Few are the places where you can truly enjoy the beauty of nature without a care, in an environment free from noise, trouble, and pollution. If you’re planning a trip on such a place, then you might consider visiting Chittagong’s beautiful district of Khagrachhari – a real gem lying in the southeastern part of Bangladesh.


Khagrachhari is a valley surrounded by green mountains and hilly terrains. It is locally known as “Chengmi.” Although the district is yet to become a worldwide attraction, a regular number of tourists come here yearly to have their vacations and see mother nature at her finest. It is also an opportunity to witness the local life of tribes here such as Chakma and Marma. This unspoiled environment and a lot more will surely make your trip to Khagrachhari a memorable one.

There are a number spots worth seeing in Khagrachhari. Here are some of them.

Alu Tila Cave

alu time cave

No Khagrachhari trip is compete without a visit to this long and mysterious cave. Stretched 100 meters out, adventure-lovers and thrill-seekers will enjoy a trek down Khagrachhari’s most well known tourist spot. A mystery is said to be waiting for people who can endure meters of walking on slippery stones in the dark. The cave is safe and entry fee only costs BDT 5 ($0.07).

Though the cave will only take less than 30 minutes for you to explore, it can be the journey that will take most of your time. Buses leave from Dhaka to Khagrachhari every day. From there, you can ride a local bus or micro bus going to Alu Tila. Just make sure to leave in the afternoon as it will be impossible to find a ride back home at night.

Sajek Valley


Though Sajek Valley is in Rangamati it is easier to go there from Dighinala, Khagrachhori. This is a really beautiful place for those who love nature. Situated at 18000 feet above the sea level this valley boasts a spectacular view of hills, remote tribal villages and “clouds”. Sajek Valley is actually a border town which is separated from India by the river “Sajek”. On the way to Sajek, you will need to get permits from the Army Camps which should not be any problem. You can go to Sajek from Khagrachhori by local jeeps (also known as chander gari; 5000Tk) it can carry 15 persons. Or you can go by CNGs (3000Tk) or Motorcycle (1000Tk) form Dighinala. There are two villages names Ruilui and Konglok which are worth visiting. Ruilui is the main tourist area in Sajek and there is a rest house if you want to spend the night. You can spend the night at one of the home’s of the locals too. There are many local bazaars, waterfalls, landmarks which you can enjoy too. I will try to write a separate article  Sajek Valley in time.

Richhang Waterfalls

richhang falls

If you love seeing waterfalls, then you will love visiting Richhang waterfalls. It may not very wide or deep, but the view amongst the lush greens of the mountains is amazing and the falls itself is beautiful. If you are going to Alu Tila Cave, then it is practical to make a quick stop here as it is only 2 kilometers away from Alu Tila. You can reach it by vehicle or by foot.

Hundred Year Old Banyan Tree

100 years old banyan tree

This hundred or more year old banyan tree is spread among almost 2 acres of area. It is an awesome spot for picture taking, resting, or just taking in fresh air.

To go there, take a bus going to Matiranga Bazar. From there, you can hire a motor bike. If you’re alone, you can share the bike with another person. I recommend hiring the motor bike for a round trip as it can be hard to find a bike at the place. This trip can be done in an hour or less.

Mohalchhori Lake

This beautiful lake is actually a part of Rangamati’s famous Kaptai Lake. You can spend lazy hours here boating or simply relaxing. It is around 1 hours bike ride from Mohalchhodi bazar. Best time to go there is before 12pm so that you can enjoy a boat ride and return to the town before sundown.

Debotar Pukur

debotar pukur

Meaning “Goddess Pond,” Debotar Pukur is a picturesque dew pond on top of a hill around 864 feet above sea level. Located at Nunchari mouja of Khagrachhari Sadar upazila, Debotar Pukur is located 11 km to the south via Khagrachhari-Rangamati road. You may have to walk through five hills for one hour before arriving at the pond. You will see that the journey is worth it anyway.

Truly, a trip to Khagrachhari will reconnect your stressed mind and body back to nature. You may also consider visiting other attractions in Khagrachhari such as the Yonged Buddha Bihar, Penchari Brihot sculpture, Dighinala Manikker Dighi, and the beautiful Shajek and Marrisa Vally.