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Noakhali is a district in South-eastern Bangladesh and within Chittagong division. this district was formarly known as Sudharam, Bhulua. Noakhali district was established in 1821. It consists of 9 upazilas, 5 municipalities, 45 wards, 90 mahallas, 83 union parishads, 909 mouzas and 978 villages. The upazilas are Noakhali Sadar Upazila, Subarna Char Upazila, Kabir Hat Upazila, Begumganj Upazila, Chatkhil Upazila, Companiganj Upazila (Noakhali), Hatiya, Sonaimuri, and Senbagh Upazila. the municipalities are Chawmuhani, Bashur Hat, Chatkhil, Kabir Hat, Noakhali.Major towns of this district are Maijdee Court, Choumohoni, Chatkhil, Sonaimuri, Sonapur,Shaheberhat Bashurhat,etc.

Area: 3600.99 km2

Population: 2,533,394.

Boundary: This district is bounded by the Comilla district in the north, the Meghna estuary and the Bay of Bengal in the south, Feni and Chittagong districts in the east, Lakshmipur and the Bhola districts in the west.

Weather: The district’s annual average temperature ranges from a maximum of 34.3 °C to a minimum of 14.4 °C. Its annual rainfall is 3302 mm.

Main rivers: The Bamni and the Meghna.

Main crops: Paddy, soybean, peanut, varieties of pulses, vegetables.

Specialty: People of Noakhali (Noakhali’s) speak a very interesting informal Bengali dialect which includes the usage their own distinctive accent. Noakhali is famous for this dialect.
The naming history of this district is also interesting. ancient name of Noakhali is Bhulua. In the 1660s, the agricultural activities of the north-eastern region of Bhulua were seriously affected by floodwater of the Dakatia River. To recover the situation, a canal was dug in 1660 that ran from the Dakatia through Ramganj, Sonaimuri and Chaumuhani to divert water flow to the junction of the rivers Meghna and Feni. After excavating this long canal, Bhulua was renamed “Noakhali” after “Noa” (new) and “khal” (canal) in 1668. It was converted to a district in 1821.

Noakhali Town:
Noakhali town is in sadar upazila(Maijdi). It consists of 9 wards and 36 mahallas. It has an area of 12.61 sq km. The town has a population of 74585. Among them male are 51.50%, female 48.50%. population density per sq km is 5915. Literacy rate among the town people is 60.7%. The ancient name of Noakhali Sadar was Sudharam. In 1948 when the Upazila headquarters were extinct by the erosion of the Meghna River, it was shifted 8 km to the north to its present place at Maijdi. The town has five dakbungalows. There are some educational and other kinds of institutions.

Notable People:
Birsreshtho Ruhul Amin: one of the 7 greatest heroes of the liberation war of 1971
Abdul Hakim. He is a 17th century poet.
Raja Laksmanmanikya. He was The King of the kingdom of Bhulua.
Abdul Malek Ukil. He was Former home Minister, Speaker of parliament and President of Bangladesh Awami League.
Barrister Abul Mansur, freedom fighter and successful corporate lawyer.
Major General Abul Manzur, freedom fighter (Bir Uttom).
Lt. Colonel Mahbubur Rahman (Bir Uttom).
Muzaffar Ahmed . he was the Founder Member of All India Communist Party Later Secretary General of All India Communist Party.
Sergeant Zohurul Haque. He was an accused in the historic Agartola Case.
Barrister Moudud Ahmed. He is Ex Vice President, Prime Minister.
Nurul Islam . He is Ex. President of Bangladesh Ganatontri party.
Shahidullah Kaiser. He is an Author.
Jahir Raihan . He is an Author, Director.
Munier Chowdhury. He is a Playwright.
Prafulla Chandra Majumdar . He is a Freedom Fighter.
Retired General Moeen U Ahmed. He is an Army General.

Attractive Places of Noakhali:
Nijhum Dip . Nijhum Dip is in the South-East Side of Noakhali. Very beautiful island.
Queen Lurther’s Church (in Sonapur).
Gandhi Ashram (Joyag, Sonaimuri).
Samadhi of Ram Thakur (Chaumohani).
Megha dighi
Noakhali Public Library (1895)
Bajra Shahi Mosque (1153 AH, Chatkhil)
Kali Statue (18th century, Companiganj).

Prominent educational institutions:
Noakhali Science and Technology University is a newly established university of Bangladesh. It is a technical university which is the only university of Bangladesh. Noakhali Medical College is a government financer medical of Bangladesh which is newly established.Temporary Address of this college is Noakhali General Hospital,Maijdee, Noakhali. There are a primary training institute, Noakhali Law College and Noakhali Homiopathic Medical College also.

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