Nilphamari District Information

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Nilphamari is a northern district of Bangladesh and a part of the Rangpur Division. Previously it was under Rajshahi division. The Nilphamari subdivision was established in 1875, Nilphamari was a subdivision of Rangpur District. It was turned into a district in 1984. The district consists of 3 municipalities, 33 wards, 65 mahallas, 62 union parishads, 390 mouzas and 370 villages. This district has 6 sub districts. They are-Nilphamari Sadar ,Saidpur,Jaldhaka ,Kishoreganj ,Domar ,Dimla .

Area: 1640.91 km²

Population (1991): 1,550,686 male 51.03%, female 48.97%

Population Density :945/km2 (2,447.6/sq mi)

Religion :Muslim 82.64%; Hindu 17.17%, Buddhist 0.02%, Christian 0.07% and others 0.10%;

Ethnic community:Santal

Literacy rate : Total 25.35%

Boundary: This district is bounded by Kuchbihar district of West Bengal (India) on the north, Rangpur district on the south, Lalmonirhat district on the east and Panchagarh and Dinajpur districts on the west.

Weather: Here the temperature is maximum 32.3°C and minimum 11.2°C. This district has annual rainfall 2931mm.

Main rivers: Teesta, Jamuneshwari, Chikli and Dhaigan.

Main crops:Jute, Tobacco, potato, cotton ,Paddy, wheat and ginger

Historical Specialty :
The historical TEBHAGA MOVEMENT spread over Domar and Dimla in the 1940s of this district.Once indigo was cultivated extensively in this district. Syedpur is best known for its railway workshop. In 1870, the Assam-Bengal railway set up its largest workshop in Syedpur and many Biharis or Urdu-speakers came to work there.During the British rule the telephone exchange for the whole Assam-Bengal District was also situated in Syedpur. Even it was the largest city of Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. Syedpur had the first airport in north Bengal. Their was a cantonment in British period also.

Airport:One airport in Saidpur or Sayedpur.

Cantonment:One in Sayedpur.

Main mode of transportation: Bus,train,airoplan.

Places of interest:
• Nilsagor(previously known as Birat Dighi)(sadar upozela)
• Neel Kuthi (Nilphamari Sadar Upazila)
• Tomb of Hazrat Pir Mohiuddin (Kundupukur)
• Nat Settlement (prison, 1871)
• Saidpur Church (1893)
• Saidpur Airport
• Railway Factory
• Uttara EPZ (export processing zone)
• Leprosy Hospital
• Teesta Barrage
• Dimla Rajbari
• Garh (Fort) of Raja Dharmapal and his palace (eighteenth century, Jaldhaka)
• The palace of Raja Harish Chandra (Ninth century, Jaldhaka upazila)
• Three domed Jami Mosque at Bherberi (eighteenth century, Kishoreganj upazila).

Marks of the War of Liberation: Mass killing site 1, mass grave 8, memorial 1.

Major educational institutions: College 26,vocational institute 1, PTI 1, homeopath college 1.

Nilphamari town:
Nilphamari (Town) consists of 9 wards and 10 mahallas. The area of the town is 19.53 sq km. It has a population of 39838; male 51.33%, female 48.67%. The density of population is 2040 per sq km. Literacy rate among the town people is 48.2%. it is a small town with many historicalplaces. The name carries the history of indigo farming. Neel kuthi , nilsagor are here. There is also a memoriall sculpture ‘Swadhinatar Smriti Amlan’for the martyrs of 1971.

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