Langtang Trek Diary – Day 1 (Kathmandu)

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Last year, I came to this understanding, that when we try to recreate old memories, we only end up damaging them. So, I am off to making brand new ones.

This is my fourth trip to Nepal, but somehow every time I get to see a different beauty of this wonderful country. Tomorrow we start for Syabrubesi to kick start out Langtang Valley Trek. I wanted to do the Everest Base Camp trek again, as last time I couldn’t complete it. But then decided against it to try a different route and different set of snowy mountains. And hopefully some great “new” memories. What are we, if not a collection of memories?

By the way, I think I am becoming more and more Nepali with age. Everyone (people at the airport, taxi, shopkeepers, regular people) starts speaking to me in Nepali. I have always enjoyed this and this time is no different.

Anyway, today was a lazy day. Atleast compared to the last couple of days where I ran across Dhaka in search of trekking gear! In Bangladesh it is so hard to find half-decent trekking gear. Today I just did some last minute shopping for the trek and walked around Thamel before calling it a day! The journey starts early tomorrow.

By the way, point to be noted, Nepal seems to have solved its electricity problem, somehow within the last year. Now there isn’t the compulsory 8+ hours load shedding every day.

October 2, 2018
Hotel Nepalaya, Thamel

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