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Information about Kurigram District is available in this post. Kurigram is located at the north-east of Bangladesh along the border of India. Previously this district was under Rajshahi division and now it is within the north most and newly established (January 25, 2010) Rangpur Division. From a subdivision Kurigram was turned into a district in 1984. The district consists of 9 upazilas, 18 wards, 122 mahallas, 73 union parishads, 647 mouzas, 1907 villages and 14 enclaves. 9 upazilas of Kurigram district are Kurigram Sadar, Nageshwari, Bhurungamari, Phulbari, Rajarhat, Ulipur, Chilmari, Raumari and Char Rajibpur.

Area: 2,296.10 km²

Main Rivers: Brahmaputra, Dharla, Tista ,Dudhkumar, Phulkumar, Gangadhar, Jinjiram Gangadhar, Halhali and Jalchira.

Population: 1,782,277 (2001 national population census).male 49.62%, female 50.38%.

Religion: Muslim 91.65%, Hindu 7.7% and others 0.65%

Literacy rate: 22.3%; male 29.9% and female 14.7%

Main mode of transportation: Road, Bus.

Specialty: Historical places; betel nut, betel leaf production. The district is along the border of India. One of the two decorated female freedom fighters of the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971 Taramon Bibi (Bir Pratik) is from this district. Raumari Upazila of Kurigram is the first independent sub-district of Bangladesh.

Major Educational institutions: 3 government colleges, 29 non-government colleges and a Commerce College.

Kurigram’s Borders: North- Cooch Behar District (India); South- Gaibandha District (Bangladesh); East- Assam State (India); West- Lalmonirhat and Rangpur district (Bangladesh).

Weather: Maximum and minimum annual average temperature of Kurigram is 32.3°C and 11.2°C respectively; in both cases it is more acute than the middle or southern part of Bangladesh. The annual rainfall os Kurigram is 2931 mm.

Crops: Paddy, jute, wheat, potato, corn, chili, peanut, bamboo, betel nut, betel leaf, pulses, vegetable. Betel nut and betel leaf grow much more than other districts here.

Places of interest
Kurigram has a lot of Archaeological heritage all over the district.

Remnants of a mosque (Mughal period, 1176 AH) at Nayarhat (Rajarhat), three domed mosque (Mughal period) at village Majider Par of Thanahat Union (Bhurangamari), remnants of a mosque near Patweshwari Bazar (Mughal period) are ancient artifacts of Muslim civilization.

Joymoni Zamindar Bari, Naodanga Zamindar Bari and Mandir (Phulbari), Pangeshwari Mandir and remnants of the Rajbari (Rajarhat), image of Kali at Dasherhat, images of Mangal Chandi, Kamakkha Devi, Laksmi and Sattanarayan in front of the Bhetarbandh Zamindar Bari, Kali Siddheshwari Mandir (Ulipur), two canons of Panga Kingdom (preserved at the BDR Gate) are archiological heritage of kurigram.

The natural beauty of Kurigram District is also very eye-catching. Sailing boat on the river is attractive to the visitors to pass their time with the beauty of calm Dharla River. Old Ferry Port is another enjoyable place at the town. Swimming in the crystal clear cool water of Dharla River may be a memorable experience.

Kurigram is in the border of India and Bangladesh. Anyone can easily visit three northern border side (Indian border) districts (Nageswari, Bhurungamari, and Fulbari) connected with main land of Kurigram by Dharla bridge also other border areas. One can have thrilling experience of seeing the BSF and BGB (formerly known as BDR).

Kurigram town:
Kurigram town is in the bank of Dharala River and mostly at the middle of the district. It is a calm and quit small town. Dharala River near to “Dharla Bridge” may be a place to pass leisure with fresh river wind in the afternoon of summer. “Old Ferry Port” is another enjoyable place and a place for roaming. Town is connected with the sub districts and also the border side (Indian border) districts (Nageswari, Bhurungamari, and Fulbari) by Dharla Bridge. Kurigram Government College is at the heart of the town.

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