Kishoreganj District Information

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Kishoreganj is a district of the Dhaka Division which is in the central Bangladesh. Kishoreganj district was established in 1984. Before that it was a subdivision under the Mymensingh district which was established in 1860. The district consists of four municipalities, 39 wards, 145 mahallas, 13 upazilas, 105 union parishads, 946 mouzas and 1775 villages. Municipalities are
• Kishoreganj Sadar
• Bajitpur
• Bhairab
• Kuliarchar.
Thirteen upazillas (subdistricts) are
• Astagram Upazila
• Bajitpur Upazila
• Bhairab Upazila
• Hossainpur Upazila
• Itna Upazila
• Karimganj Upazila
• Katiadi Upazila
• Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila
• Kuliarchar Upazila
• Mithamain Upazila
• Nikli Upazila
• Pakundia Upazila
• Tarail Upazila

Area : 2,688.62 km2 .

Population: 2,525,221. Among them male are 50.29%, female 49.71%.

Religion: Muslim 92.1%, Hindu 7.2% and others 0.7%.

Density of population: 939.2/km2 (2,432.6/sq mi).

Literacy rate : Total 21.94%.

Boundary: This district is bounded by NETROKONA and MYMENSINGH districts on the north, NARSINGDI district on the southwest and BRAHMANBARIA district on the southeast, SUNAMGANJ and HABIGANJ districts on the east, GAZIPUR and Mymensingh districts on the west.

Major rivers :Old Brahmaputra, Meghna, Kalni, Dhanu, Ghorautra, Baurii, Narasunda and Piyain.

Main depressions: Humaipur (Bajitpur), Somai (Nikli), Barir (Mithamain), Surma Baula (Nikli), and Tallar Haors (Nikli-Bajitpur-Austagram).

Weather: Annual average temperature of this district is maximum 33.3°C, minimum 12°C. annual rainfall is 2174 mm.

Soil formation: The soil is formed by alluvial sand coming from Brahmaputra, Meghna and other rivers. The soil is fertile.

Main occupations: Agriculture 45.48%, agricultural labourer 21.02% and commerce 11.2%.

Main crops : Paddy, jute, wheat, mustard seed, pulse, potato, peanut, corn, sugarcane and vegetables.

Main fruits: Banana, palm, tetul, chalta, lichee, olive, latkon, khira, jambura, amloki and hartaki.

Transportation facilities: Main transportation is by Roads and by railways.

Main exports: Paddy, jute, banana, chicken, vegetables, litchi, mustard seed and peanut.

Mills and factories: Kalia Chapra Sugar Mill and Kishoreganj Sugar Mill(both of them are nearly extinct).Joshodal Textile Mills, Jeminee Textile Mills are noted textile mills.Badam Tail Mills and Aftaf Feed Mills Ltd are also notable.

Marks of War of Liberation: Memorial is at Karaitala. Monument in memory of martyr Khairul Jahan is situated at Parabhanga.

Educational institutions: There are 1 private medical college, 1 nursing training institute , 1 university (under construction). Beside these there are also 25 colleges, 4 collegiate high school, 201 high and junior high school,120 madrasas, 2 technical training institute and many primary schools,community school etc.

Kishoreganj Town : Kishoreganj municipality was established in 1869 and it became a district town in 1984.The town consists of 9 wards and 56 mahallas. The area of the town is 19.57 sq km with a population of 77165. Among them male are 52.51%, female 47.49%. The density of population is 3943 per sq km and literacy rate is 59%.

Place of Interest:
• Kurikhai Mela( A shrine-oriented festival) is one of the most celebrated fair of this region.The shrine is at Kotiadi. There is also a mosque Hazrat Samsuddin Bokhari Mosque . other places of interest are
• JANGALBARI FORT (fifteenth century)
• EGARASINDHUR FORT (fifteenth century)
• SADI MOSQUE (1652)
• Salanka Jame Mosque at Pakundia
• Gurai Mosque at Bajitpur (1680)
• Kutub Shah Mosque at Austagram (1538)
• Jawar Saheb Bari Mosque at Tarail (1534)
• Badshahi Mosque at Itna (seventeenth century)
• Bhagalpur Dewan Bari Mosque at Bajitpur (eighteenth century)
• Sekandarnagar Mosque at Tarail (eighteenth century)
• Chandrabati Shiva Mondir (sixteenth century)
• Delhi Akhra at Mithamain
• Nataraj Shiva Sculpture discovered at Nikli (fourteenth century)
• Arabic stone inscription discovered at village Ghagra and Krishnadas’ deed for Nandakishore Pramanik discovered at Kishoreganj Sadar

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