Khagrachari District Information

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Khagrachari is a district in south-eastern Bangladesh which is a part of the Chittagong Division and also in the Chittagong Hill Tracts area. Khagrachari is also known as Phalang Htaung or the Mong Circle and the local name is “Chengmi”. Khagrachari town is the administrative headquarter of Khagrachari district.Upazilas under this district are Dighinala Upazila, Khagrachhari Upazila, Lakshmichhari Upazila, Mahalchhari Upazila, Manikchhari Upazila, Matiranga Upazila, Panchhari Upazila, Ramgarh Upazila.

Area: 2,699.55 km2

Population: 524,961

Density: 194.5/km2 (503.7/sq mi)

Literacy rate : Total 26.3%

Religion: Muslim – 53.45%, Buddhist – 48.51%, Hindu – 16.69%, Christian – 0.27% and Others – 0.08%

Main crops: Rice, sesame, banana, ginger, green chilly etc. these are cultivated by jhum culture.

Speciality of the district: Khagrachari is a valley and Mostly Khagrachari is ahilly area. people live on Jhum Khagrachari town is the home town of the Mong Chief (currently King, or Raja, Saching Prue Chowdhury) who is the head of the Arakanese descendants living in the circle. It also is the administrative headquarter of Khagrachari district.

Rivers: Chengi, Kasalong and Maini. Chengi is the longest river in Khagrachari.

Places of interest: khsgrachari is a wonderfull place with luscious and green countryside and a lot of variety of local fauna and flora. Places to see are

  • Alutila Hill
  • Sapchari waterfall in Khagrachari
  • Mung Rajbari
  • Guimara
  • Old tea Garden
  • Matai Pukhiri
  • Sacred Place
  • Goddess Pond
  • Sindukchhari Pond
  • Buddhist Monastery
  • Ramgarh Forests
  • Ramgarh Hills & Tilas
  • Lakshmichhari Waterfalls
  • Sharthok
  • Aronno Kutir
  • Chengi bridge
  • Newzeland place
  • khagrachari research institute
  • Dighinala Jhulonto bridge
  • Richang jharna

Khagrachari town:
Khagrachhari is the hilltop town with natural wild beauty of Bangladesh. It is the district headquarters of Khagrachari hill district. This district is 112 Km away from Chittagong. For the torists the nature is restful and is an ideal spot for refreshment.

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