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Feni is a small district of Bangladesh in the southern in Chitagong district. Before becoming a district in 1984, it was part of the Noakhali district. It consists of two municipality, six Upazilas, 45 Union Parishads, 540 Mouzas, Wards 27, Mahallas 51 and 570 Villages. This district is rich in history for almost 3000 years. The sub districts are Feni Sadar, Chhagalnaiya, Porshuram, Fulgazi, Daganbhuiyan and Sonagazi.

Area: 928.34 km2

Population: 1196219; male 42.92%, female 57.08%.

Religion: Muslim 92.80%, Hindu 7.13%, Buddhist 0.03%, Christian 0.01% and others 0.03%.

Literacy rate: Average literacy 40.7%; male 48.2%, female 33.1%.

Boundary: It has boundary with Tripura in India, Chittagong district, the Bay of Bengal, Noakhali district and Comilla district.

Climate: Moderate climate. Annual average temperature maximum is 34.3°C, minimum 14.4°C, annual rainfall is 3302 mm.

Main rivers: Feni, Little Feni and Muhuri.

Mineral Resources: Feni Gas Field.

Main crops: Paddy, wheat, potato, pulses, sugarcane.

Transportation: Buses take 3-4 hours to travel on 165 km highway from Dhaka(capital city) and about 2.5 hours from Chittagong usually.

Feni Town:
Feni town is a small town which Consists of 18 wards and 34 mahallas. It has an area of 7.43 sq km. The town has a population of 90157. Among them male are 53.24% and female 46.76%. Population density per sq km is 12134. Literacy rate among the town people is 68.6%.

Major Educational institutions: College 19, polytechnic institute 4, nursing institute 1, local cooperative training institute 1, local youth development institute 1, teacher’s training institute 1 and private medical college 1, Cadet College 1.

Cultural organizations: Public library 7, club 143, drama stage 1, theater group 7, women’s organization 17, cinema hall 6, community center 4, shilpakala academy 1.

Prominent personalities:
Famous saint Shah Syed Amir Uddin Pagla Miah/Baba( RA) who is regarded as founder of Feni is a part of history of Feni. Sultanul Awlia Feni, Saint Mamu Fakir (RA) are also saints from Feni district.
Begum Khaleda Zia (former Prime Minister), Sir A. F. Rahman (the first Muslim Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University), Dr. Mustafa Chowdhury (former Public Service Commission Chairman), journalists Johur Hossain Chaudhury, Iqbal Bahar Chaudrury, Abdus Salam, A. B. M. Musa, Iqbal Sobhan Chowdury, Obaidul Haque, Mokbul Ahmed are from this district.
Feni is also proud of his brave sons language martyr Abdus Salam, martyred intellectuals during the war of liberation Selina Parvin novelists Shahidullah Kaiser and Jahir Raihan, and Dr. Faizul Mohi. Famous playwrights Selim Al-din and Dr. Inamul Huq are also from this district which made this district a special one.

Specialty of the district:
Feni is the only connecting link between the districts of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar (the most important tourist destination of the country) and three Hill Districts (Rangamati, Bandaraban and Khagrachaari).
One of the three Girls Cadet Colleges of Bangladesh is situated in Feni. The country’s only Government-run Computer Institute also is situated in Feni.
Feni has special characteristics in respect of the name Feni. There are a lot of myths about the naming of the district. Bangladesh is a reverence country. But it is very rare to have a name of a region by the name of a river. Probably Feni is an exception to this which has been named as it is surrounded from three sides by the river Feni.

Places of interests:
Feni has very beautiful view of Tripura valley. Feni River estuarine and green paddy fields add to Feni district’s scenic beauty. Feni is also important for its position near the Indian border and the Bay of Bengal. India can be viewed from Feni.
Mohammad Ali Chowdhury Mosque (built 700 years ago), Chandgazi Mosque (built 400 years ago) ,Feni Government College Building (1822 AD) and Bijoy Singh Dighi at Mohipal (1760) are important Archaeological heritage which is a matter of interest.

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