Everest Base Camp Trek Diary – Day 3 (Lukla, Phakding)

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Today was the day of highs and lows and mistakes. High was the beauty and the new acquaintances. Low was the loneliness of travelling alone. And the mistakes were… well, many. Why did I went cycling yesterday instead of saving my knees? Why didn’t I bring a book with me to read when there’s nothing to do? Why did I think that it would be a good idea to save money by buying only one walking stick? And why why why didn’t I bring a body spray?


I was a little late today for the mountain flight to Lukla. But fortunately the flight was even more late. The 6:15 flight took off at around 6:50. It was probably the smallest plane, with only 15ish seats, that I will ever get on. I was prepared for a bumpy flight, but apart from the little turbulence during landing, the flight was smooth. It was early morning so the hills and mountains were slowly waking up – fog and cloud on one side, sun on the other. It always is a beautiful sight. 15 minutes down the flight we also got to see Mount Everest – standing tall, proud and black.

The 30 minute flight brought us to the small hill station Lukla (2800m). I think Lukla is one of the most beautiful villages I have seen till this day. Beautiful little houses, shops, streets, farms – it looks like the village from “Farcry 4”.

The restaurant’s walls, where we had breakfast, was full of flags and signatures. While returning from the base camp trekkers left there marks here. It was a very inspiring sight. I wish I brought a flag with me.

Lukta to phakding hike

Today’s hike led us to Phakding (2600m). The 3 hour hike offered a great view of a nearby snowy peak and valley below. Apart from the trekkers this route is also used by locals to transport goods with mules or porters. The porters can carry insane amount of weight, upto 80kg, balancing on their heads while I was struggling to carry my own weight.

My knees were hurting a little when we reached Phakding. I think 8-10 of us started trekking at different times this morning and most of us seem to be on the same lodge – Beer Garden. We will be spending the night here. It was good to meet fellow trekkers at the dinning hall and get to know each other.

The lodge or the tea house was a cold & dark place. And the water was beyond using. According to the two Swiss girls, who were coming back from base camp, “it’s nothing, wait till you go up there. Maybe you will get used to the cold, MAYBE.” Thankfully, the dinning hall was warm and had lights. I spent most of my evening there before retiring to bed at 7.

Reminder to self: I am only at 2600 meters. I can only wonder how it would feel at 5500 meters with 50% oxygen.

18 February 2016

Hotel: Beer Garden (Good, but electricity only in the dining hall)

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