Dhaka to Chittagong: by Bus, Train or Air

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There is a city, beside the sea and a mystic river. There is a city, most of the roads go among the hills here. People are hard-working and extreme food lovers. Always love to party and well known for warm welcoming manners. Sounds like some Mediterranean metropolitan area? No, it is Bangladesh’s second largest city and commercial capital – Chittagong. If you wish to see only one place in the whole country, most of the people’s vote will go to Chittagong. A perfect combination of green hills and blue sea!



Dhaka to Chittagong by Bus

Chittagong is almost 270 km away from Dhaka, so it will take more or less 6-7 hours to go there by bus. More than 20 bus operators are there for you to travel to Chittagong. Buses leave every half an hour, from dawn to midnight. AC sleeper coach, AC Executive and Economy Chair coach and Non-AC Chair coach, these four types of seat plan is available for tourists. This list of buses might be useful to understand.
Company Name Coach Type Ticket Price (Tk)

  • Green Line AC 900-1100
  • S Alam Service Non-AC 480
  • Shyamoli Paribahan Non-AC 430
  • Shyamoli Paribahan AC 750
  • Hanif Enterprise AC 900-1100
  • Hanif Enterprise Non-AC 430
  • Shohagh Paribahan AC 950
  • Soudia Paribahan Non-AC 430
  • Soudia Paribahan AC 900-1100
  • Soudia Paribahan Non-AC 500
  • Eagle Paribahan Non-AC 430
  • TR Travels Non-AC 430
  • TR Travels AC 1150
  • Unique Service Non-AC 430
  • Silk Line Non-AC 400
  • Silk Line AC 650
  • Baghdad Express AC 850-1100
  • Aziz Travels AC 800
  • Shahi Service Non-AC 600
  • Rajib Special Non-AC 450-600

My Suggestion: The highway is superb, but some places in the way can take more than usual time, due to the markets or construction work over the road. It will be better if you can travel on night coach.

Dhaka to Chittagong by Train

The rail communication from Dhaka to Chittagong is very smooth. Five express trains leave daily from Kamlapur railway station, Dhaka towards Chittagong. You can buy e-ticket form railway department’s website or manually from the station. It will take 6-7 hours to reach on your desired destination.

Name Departure Arrival Price (Tk)
Mohanogor Provati Express 7:40 15:15 125-760
Mohanogor Godhuli Express 16:40 23:20 320-730
Shuborno Express 15:00 21:45 355-675
Turna Nishitha 23:00 6:35 320-1093
Chattala Express 11:00 19:35 265-425

My Suggestion: Try to travel with Shuborno Express, it runs non-stop all the way. Others have to stop at some stoppages, so they take more time to reach the end. Before you hop on a train, check the latest information on their website.

Dhaka to Chittagong by Air

The fastest way of modern travelling is the best way to save time. The government owned Biman Bangladesh and 4 private airlines have direct flight on this route. Every week 8731 seats are available on the air. Price ranges from 4000 to 7000tk one way.

My suggestion: There will be no flight from any company on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

What is the Best Way to Travel to Chittagong from Dhaka?

It will differ according to the season. While you are travelling with family or friends, step on an AC bus on any season. But if winter, that means the tourist season, might take a Non-AC service. It will be budget friendly (but less comfortable) also. But the charm of travel comes with an AC sleeper coach in the train, with your loved one. When the tour schedule is tight and have a little time for travel, a journey by air will be appropriate.