Our Bangladesh to Canada Immigration Journey: Express Entry Step by Step Guide [February 2020 Update]

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I don’t know why and when we finally decided to [try and] move to Canada! But here we are… fully invested in the express entry journey. Our PR application is still under processing. I thought about keeping a log of the immigration journey here, no matter what the outcome might be. Might help others in a similar situation, or at the least help to pass the time while we wait for a result. I will keep updating this page as our situation changes.

Steps taken in the express entry journey to Canada

  1. Decided to migrate to Canada!
  2. Educational credential assessment or ECA
  3. IELTS
  4. Express entry application submission
  5. Receiving ITA or invitation to apply
  6. Collecting documents for application for permanent residency [eAPR]
  7. Paying for and submitting eAPR

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