Annapurna Base Camp Trek: Day 2 – Rest Day at Pokhara

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In Bangladesh, we like to believe that our tourism industry sucks because of 2 main reasons. One – difficulty in getting alcohol. Two – lack of activities. Both of these points stem from our efforts to externalize everything. Instead of thinking about what we could have done to solve the problem we wait for new laws to be passed [alcohol] or new infrastructure to be built by someone else [activities].

Let me tell you what I think the actual reason is: how many times have you gone through a 4 page menu, only to find out majority of those will not be available for ordering? Or even though the rates are high, the hotel you were staying at were extremely understaffed? How many times have you found stained bedsheets or towels? While visiting a new place how many times have you felt cheated by your driver or felt like the locals are trying to squeeze the last penny out of you as if it’s your last visit there? I have been to many hill stations, but I have not been as scared as I was in a chander gari in Bandarban. And I don’t even want to start about the millions of empty chips’ packets lying all over! These are why our tourism sector can not blossom.

Anyway, in the bus to Pokhara the strangest thing happened today. A boy was giving me glances. After a while he came to me, smiling, and said, “Do I know you from somewhere?” It was then when I realized that I met him 3 years ago during my Langtag Trek! I have a photo with him from that time. He was trekking with this friends back then, and this time he is with his girlfriend. Talk about coincidences! We decided to start the trek together tomorrow morning.

Pokhara had a few more tourists than Thamel. Even then, it was very little compared to what I was used to with. Most of the tourists were either locals or Indians. Saw a few Bangladeshi groups as well. After having a short walk by the lake in the evening, I decided to spend the rest of the night at our hotel lobby [Hotel Pokhara View]. It was a small but cozy hotel, off the main street, run by a Nepalese – Chinese family. They have 2 beautiful children who were playing in the lobby and I was the only guest staying there that night. Oh! and how can I forget, this hotel offers a great view of the Annapurna. I enjoyed the most beautiful sunset from the roof.

At around 10, it was sleep time. The trek starts early in the morning.

December 17, 2021

My Annapurna Base Camp Trek Diary:

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  • Day 2 – Pokhara
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  • Day 4 – Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani
  • Day 5 – Ghorepani to Tadapani via Poonhill
  • Day 6 – Tadapani to Chomrong to Middle Sinuwa
  • Day 7 – Sinuwa to Deurali
  • Day 8 – Deurali to ABC via MBC
  • Day 9 – ABC to Chomrong
  • Day 10 – Chomrong to Landruk to Tolka
  • Day 11 – Tolka to Dhampus to Pokhara
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