50 Irresistible Iftar Offers by the Restaurants of Dhaka

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Your search for irresistible iftar offers has come to an end. In the month of holy Ramadan (2014), various restaurants of Dhaka has offered some excellent packages to meet your dining needs. Browse through the list below and decide which ones will you taste on this Ramadan. If you are looking for sehri deals, checkout “11 Hottest sehri deals from restaurants of Dhaka“.

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Also, let me know what do you think about these offers in the comment section below. I will try answer any question you might have.


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offers

Iftar buffet at 950Tk. They also have a buy 3 get 1 free offer with these buffets.

Dhaka Regency Hotel & Ressort
Buy 1 iftar buffet and get another for free. Their iftar and dinner buffet costs 2466Tk.

All You Can Eat Iftar & Dinner Buffet

Pizza Hut
You will get unlimited pizza at 700tk and add 150tk to get bottomless Pepsi with it. The iftar offer is valid from 6pm to 8pm.


Village Restaurant
Their buffet starts at 999Tk and you can choose from 60 available dishes. Village Restaurant’s iftar box is available at 99Tk only.

At timeout restaurant they serve a 23 item buffet ifter and dinner which you can enjoy at 680Tk. You may need to call to book your table 8801743791782, 8801714887739, 8801716171009

Cafe Nemo
This restaurant is in Platinum Suites. Their iftar & dinner buffet is priced at 1200Tk. You can call for more information: 01975284686


Six Seasons Hotel
Buffet Iftar Menu 1599++ Per Person. It includes Irani Dates, Seasonal Fresh Cut Fruits, Plain yoghurt, Sliced Cucumber & Tomato, Carrot sticks, Sliced onion, Lemon wedges, Green chili, Potato and chick peas chaat, Cucumber tomato and mint raita, Haleem with all condiments, Vegetables Pakora, Papadum, Fried Gram, Spicy Aloo Chop, Piazo, Beguni, Chana boot, Rice crisp, Tandoori Chicken Boti, Fish-Do-Piaza, Chicken jhalfreze, Beef Achari, Mixed Vegetable, Steam Rice, Chicken Biryani, Butter Naan, Baklava, Mahlabia,shahi jilapi, Cream Caramel, Assorted pastries, Doi bora. And you can choose from these juices: Lemonade, Sweet and Salted Lassi.


Seasonal Tastes, Westin
Iftar & dinner buffet at 4800tk per person.


The Sky Room Dinning
Iftar & dinner buffet with 30 items at 800Tk + vat.


Kabab Factory
1000Tk buffet iftar and dinner. They also have a take away iftar menu and a sehri menu.

The Mughal Kitchen
They have 2 iftar boxes available priced at 250Tk and 350Tk; takeaway starts from 3pm. Their buffet costs 650Tk.

Brazil Churrasco
They serve the Iftar menu till 10pm. The iftar & dinner buffet costs 1450Tk. The buffet includes chicken thigh and Brazilian sausages from grill and other items. Sehri offers are available too.


Pizza Inn
This 695Tk buffet includes unlimited drinks too.

Royal Buffet
Their buffet iftar and dinner has 80 items and costs 900Tk. It comes with unlimited soft drinks too.

Luam’s Thai Fast Food
Luam serves seven different buffet menu on seven days of a week. Price is 699Tk.

The Mirage
Their iftar buffet costs 987Tk. They will serve drinks, traditional iftar items, side dishes, main dishes and desserts. You may need to book your table in advance. Call to reserve: +880 1787 889999, +8801944494444

The buffet is 1199Tk and includes yogurt smoothie, regular iftar items, mixed salad, breaded calamari fritti, mixed vegetable, pizza assorted, mushroom soup, Mexican rice, plain rice, prime ribs, beef stroganodd, bbq lamb chop, pasta, fruit salad and many more.


Attin Cafe & Lounge
Takeaway iftar menu is available. Also you can get iftar buffet at 750Tk; with buffet pay 100 tk to get unlimited soft drinks.

Charcoal Steak House
They have 26 items in the iftar and dinner buffet which costs 1350 taka per person. For reservations: 9840033, 01976004400


Steak House
Iftar and dinner buffet with traditional iftar items, side iftar items, salad, main course, bbq course, dessert and drinks at 1600Tk. For reservations: 9841604; 01741718959.


Club Wheels
Along with traditional iftar items, their buffet has some excellent starters and main dishes including steak, pizza, chicken wings, sandwiches etc. It is priced at 1260Tk + vat. You may need to call for reservations 01730707171.

The Glasshouse Brasserie
3 of their set iftar menu costs 350, 450, 550tk. And they have a menu prepared for 2 persons which costs 1200tk. They also have a iftar and dinner buffet at 850Tk.


Watercress Restaurant
For this Arabian Iftar and dinner buffet of 1495Tk you will need to make reservations before going. Call 01762444555, 01758333666 for reservation.

All you can eat at 750Tk


ROK Restaurant
Their 725tk iftar and dinner buffet includes a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, main courses and desserts.

Set Menu/Platter Iftar Offers

The set menu for iftar costs 550Tk + vat. The platter includes: Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Boxing, Garlic Chicken With BBQ Sauce, Fried Rice, Lasagna, Chicken Wrap, Red Velvet Mini Cupcake. You can reserve your table by calling 01615-250005. You can also have Sehri at this place (and enjoy world cup matches).


Roll Xpress Cafe
They have 5 special menus for iftar ranging from 450-500Tk. You may need to come 3 hours before iftar to book your order.

Burger n’ Boost
Their 500tk Iftar set menu is available at all 3 outlets of Burger n’ Boost.

Kozmo Lounge
Cozmo’s Iftar combo starts at 375Tk.


They have 2 iftar & dinner packages. One is 600tk and the other 850tk.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Iftar platter at 777Tk + vat. Beef Wrap, Arabic falafel with hummus, Crunchy Greek salad, Chicken wings on Pita & Spicy Chicken loli pop with mint chutney, completed with Lebanese Basbusa & seasonal fruits stick with Mariam Dates, accompanied with a chilled of bottle water.

Ecstasy Caffe
Mango juice,chicken vegetable soup, crispy corn, boneless grilled chicken, couscous rice, sautéed vegetable, chicken roll, mixed fruits, chocolate tart at 690tk.


New Zealand Natural
Their regular items which would cost 750Tk individually, would cost 490Tk during iftar times as a package. This set menu consists of water, Sandwich, chicken wings, spring roll, date, waffle, ice cream and green mango juice.


They have 4 different set menus for Iftar. Hungry – 1050tk + tax; Very Hungry – 1350tk + tax; Very Very Hungry – 1550tk + tax; Very Very Very Hungry – 2050tk + tax.

Mermaid Gallery Cafe
Mermaid Gallery cafe’s set iftar menu includes lime juice, dates, cheak peas, tomato soup, peaju, beguni, potato chap, chicken saslik, dessert, mineral water, with grilled chicken and costs 750Tk. If you want to add a BBQ chicken pizza the price will be 950Tk.


Cafe BBQ
Their set iftar package comes for 1 and 2 persons. First package is 795Tk and includes 1pc golden olive chicken, 1pc Jamaican grilled chicken, garden salad, 1 lemonade Kiwi, 1 bottle water, 2pcs dates. The second package is 1480Tk and has 2pcs golden olive chicken, 1 combination pizza (6″), 2pcs Korean charbroiled chicken, 1 small jar of kiwi ade, 2 bottles water, 4pcs dates.


Kiva Han
The set menu includes – Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Cashew nut Salad, Kebab Roll, Red Velvet Cake, Blue Moon Mocktail and costs 575Tk.

George’s Cafe
Their 695Tk Iftar platter has roasted chicken, mashed potato, creamed spinach, papaya salad, chocolate dates, cupcake, wrap, wings, fries, arnold palmer. For more information call +8801784436743.


Their iftar package has Fresh Lemon Juice, Sweet Lassi, Fruit Platter-Apple, Malta, Grapes, Anar, Dates, Chicken Samosa, Chicken Lollipop, Egg Aloo Chop, Chana Bhuna, Beguni, Piaju, Moori, Jali Kabab, Chicken Paratha Roll, Sootley Jalebi, Mutton Haleem, Masala Tea. Price: 555Tk


The Dialogue
3 different set menus: Deshi platter – 350tk, Mexican platter – 450tk, Italian platter – 450tk.


Two Iftar combos cost 280tk and 300tk each.


Red Shift Coffee Lounge
They have 2 set menus – 510tk and 535tk

Smoke Music Cafe
Their exotic set menu is 825tk. Too book your table in advance call 01750999333-444

The Stage
3 types of iftar combos ranging from 350 to 550tk per person.

Brew & Bites
Iftar combo at 749tk.


Fools Diner
If you love chinese you can have Unlimited Maki at 399Tk. They have other set menus for iftar which costs 315tk and 345tk.

Bon Cafe & Yo Berries
They have five set menus for iftar ranging from 200-300Tk.

Lake Terrace
Three set menus with unlimited Rooh Afza priced at 695tk, 895tk and 1495tk.

Iftar Box

Bronia Cafe & Gallery
Their special iftar menu is 350 taka and the take away box is 450 taka.


Daily Treats, Westin
Iftar box at 1500tk

The Aristocrat
Iftar boxes at 316tk and 345tk

Some Other Promotional Offers

  • 20% off on Iftar buffet & dinner at Charcoal Steak House, Barbeque Flames, Mainland China, Signature, Steak House & The Mirage with your SCB Card.
  • Buy 1 & Get 1 Iftar & dinner buffet at Khazana Restaurant using your SCB card. For reservations call 01711476379 (Gulshan) & 01682000300 (Uttara).
  • Enjoy two Iftar packages with dinner for the price of one at Long Beach Suites using your SCB card. For reservations call 01755557926.
  • Buy 1 & Get 1 Iftar buffet with dinner at Grandiose Restaurant of Dhaka Regency Hotel using your SCB Card. Call 01713332661 for reservations.

Which restaurant do you like the most? Which of these are great and do you think that any of these are overpriced?

Let’s make this Ramadan memorable with great deeds, great food and great charity!