16 Best Resorts in Bangladesh to Spend Your Vacation

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Over the last 4-5 years, resorts in Bangladesh are becoming very popular for a quick weekend retreat. If you love to be pampered then you would love to spend a weekend at one of these 16 best resorts in Bangladesh, away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Nazimgarh Resorts

Nazimgarh Resorts is emerging as one the best luxurious resort destinations in the northeastern district of Sylhet. In an Eco-friendly environment, this resort offers places to stay in midst of garden, forest and adventurous locations. In Nazimgarh resort, there is a restaurant, swimming pool, spa and other modern amenities. They have total three resorts, one in Khadimnagar and another two are in Lalakhal. The room rent varies from 7000Tk to 17000Tk. More information is available in www.nazimgarh.com

Dusai Resort and Spa

Dusai Resort & Spa is the first luxurious 5 star standard boutique Villa Resort & Spa in Bangladesh. This resort is in Moulvibazar about 200 km north-east of Dhaka, in the middle of a small tropical forest on hillocks, just beside the largest concentration of tea gardens. Proces start from 8000Tk per room. More information is available in www.dusairesorts.com

Shuktara Resort

This hilltop resort is a modern eco cottage with a restaurant and a swimming pool. Shuktara Resort is just beside Khadim and Borojan’s tea estate and very near to Khadimnagar national park. Room rent is 3000Tk to 6500Tk. More information is available in www.shuktararesort.com

Grand Sultan Resort

Grand Sultan Resort is a luxurious resort in Sreemangal of Moulovibazar district in the middle of tea estates. This is the first ever five star resort in Bangladesh. It is very near to magnificent Lauachora rain forest. With all its eminities the rooms are priced at 23,000Tk to 70,000Tk. More information is available in www.grandsultanresort.com

Rainforest Resort

Rainforest Resort is another resort in the Tea capital of Bangladesh Sreemongal. is just 191 km.from Dhaka. It’s a very good place to enjoy the beauty of Lauawachara rain forest, tea plantation, Rubber garden, waterfall and lakes. You may explore nearby Khashia villages. Rent is 2500 to 4500Tk per night. More information is available in www.srimangal-rainforestresort.com

Hill Side Resort

This resort is located at Chimbuk road, Milonchori of Bandarban. The cottages were designed like traditional tribal houses and it is only 5 km away from Bandarban town. The cost for each room starts from 500Tk.

Mermaid Eco Resort

Mermaid Eco Resort can be a fascinating place to stay in Cox’s Bazar for its location. It is located in Pecha island of Inani beach and a very near place to Himchari and main beach of Cox’s Bazar. The rooms cost around 1250Tk to 5500Tk for the night. More info on www.mermaidecoresort.com

Pebble Stone Sea Resort

This resort is located 25 km away from Cox’s Bazar. Pebble stone sea resort is a very good place to enjoy beauty of Inani beach. More info www.pebble-stoneinanibd.com

Foys’ Lake Resort

Foys’ lake is a very important tourist destination in port city Chittagong. This resort is a very beautiful place to stay with the combined beauty of lake and hills. You can spend a night there for 4500-8000Tk. More information is in www.foyslake.com

Jamuna Resort

Jamuna resort is situated on the eastern bank of Bangabandhu Bridge of Jamuna River. It covers a large area with 110 cottages with facilities like swimming pool, play ground, restaurant, conference room, small zoo, boat ride etc. Costs around 5700-13000Tk per night. More information in www.jamunaresortbd.com

Elenga Resort

This resort is only 7 km away from Tangail town and a nearby place to Bangabandhu Bridge. It is another good place for a one day vacation. A room will cost you around 3600-12500Tk. More information is in www.elengaresort.com

Padma Resort

This beautiful resort is built in a Char (Small Island) of Padma River in Lauhajong of Munshigonj district. It is just a 100 minutes drive from Dhaka and just a 5 minutes boat drive to find this resort. Cottages are 2300Tk per night. More information in www.padmaresort.net

Nokkhotrobari Resort

Nokkhottrobari is a place free from hustle bustle, hidden in the green village of Chinashukhania, just 30minutes drive from Rajendrapur, Gazipur. This resort is a beautiful place surrounded by Shaal forests, has pools, fishing ponds, gymnasium , conference rooms, restaurant etc. This resort is established by media personality Toukir Ahmed and Bipasha Hayat. Cost: 5000Tk – 6500Tk. More information in www.nokkhottrobari.com

Rangamati Waterfront

Rangamati waterfront is a resort situated in a village Rangamati surrounded by Shal forest and exactly 5 km off from “Joydevpur-Chandra” high way from the “shafipur bazaar” point location beside “Sinabo bazaar”. This resort is just 1 hour drive from Dhaka city and a good place for holidays to be near to nature. More information in www.rangamatiwaterfront.com

Royal Resort

Royal resort is located at Dhonbari, Tangail which is locally known as Nobabbari. This is actually a 300 years old house of Jamindar Nobab Nowab Ali Chowdhury. There is an old mosque and whole house is decorated with old furniture. Modhupur National Park is just 20 minutes drives from this resort. Cost: 1200-16000Tk. More info is in www.royalresortholidays.com

Arunima Resort

Arunima resort is located at Panipara of Kalia in Norail district. With modern amenities, here you will enjoy pods, gardens, golfing, parks, zoo etc.

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