Trekking & Outdoor Gear in Bangladesh – Where to Buy

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It is extremely difficult to find good, usable trekking and outdoor gear in Bangladesh. I remember, before going to the Langtang trek I had to spend two full days for this purpose. I went from store to store looking for trekking gear – time, which I could have spent training. Anyway, if it helps even a little bit, I am listing some places where you can find some trekking and outdoor gear in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The list is not in any particular order.

Artisan: This is a quick solution to down-jackets, wind breakers, cargo pants etc. However, the prices are a bit high. And not all products are available in all their outlets. I remember I had to visit two of their stores for the right size of a down jacket. There are a few outlets of Artisan in Dhaka, but I prefer the Tejgaon branch and the Gulshan 2 branch.

Woodland BD: I don’t think they are the official distributors of Woodland. But they sell original Woodland boots, which are great for hiking. I could not find the right size for me. So I had to borrow a Woodland boot from my friend. You can order from their facebook page or visit their Police Plaza outlet.

Peak69: This is a great resource for original rucksack hiking backpacks & tents. However, as they are original products, they are very expensive and I could not make up my mind to buy a rucksack from them. They have many other hiking and outdoor gear and tools which is fun to browse and good to have. I think I bought some hooks, trekking poles and a torch from them. They have an outlet in Elephant Road. Can be purchased from peak69 website as well.

Sangriaa: A very small shop with a small collection of outdoor gear. They have some day packs, hiking pants & shirts, bottles, torches, hammocks etc. Last year I bought a water bottle from them. Be sure to check with them on facebook before visiting the store in Science Lab.

Adventure Shop BD: This shop has rucksacks, day packs and other hiking and outdoor gear. Worth a visit if you are in Green Road. You can browse their facebook page for an update on their latest collection.

Tripmate: I have not purchased from them yet, but their product range seems impressive. They have day packs, windbreakers, down jackets, hiking shirts and pants. You can contact them in facebook for more information.

New Market: Always a budget friendly option to buy replica backpacks. Not recommended for heavy duty treks, as they do not offer proper weight distribution or back support.

Elephant Road: People say this is the best place to buy shoes. I went there to search for hiking boots. But didn’t find one. Not sure if they are there or not.

I have to say, I was severely disappointed with the availability of trekking & outdoor gears in Dhaka. And I am yet to find a proper hiking boot seller in Bangladesh. I understand that the outdoor market is small, but it is growing. I hope someday soon, there will be more options for us to explore.

Did I miss any outdoor and trekking shop in Bangladesh? Mention in the comment section and I will make sure I feature them in this article.

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