Top 6 Juice Places in Dhaka

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Summer started in Dhaka barely one week back, but it already feels like the temperature has risen to a 100 degrees during the day. The heat and the humidity drain all our energy, making us weak and lethargic. The only relief from hot summers in Dhaka is a chilled glass of juice, a shake or a smoothie. Here’s my pick for top 6 juice places in Dhaka for when I am craving an ice-cold beverage:

Boost Juice, Banani

This is part of an Australian juice bar. Located in Banani Road-11, it caters to people looking for healthier & organic juice options. Almost all of their drinks are a delicious mix of yogurt, fruits and ice. And some also include protein powders for that post-gym energy boost. But, word of caution, as they do not add any extra sugar or artificial flavors, the taste might seem a bit weird from what we are used to.

Thanda Gorom, all around Dhaka

A Dhaka-based juice shop, Thanda Gorom is situated in almost every area in Dhaka, and their extensive menu features many local gems such as the “Kalojam/Jam er juice”, “Bel er shorbot”, “Lebur shorbot”, and even “Jolpai-er juice”; which basically is made out of olives! No matter what your taste is, it is guaranteed that you’ll find something you like here. The plus point—most of the beverages here are quite affordable.

Beauty Lassi and Faluda, Old Dhaka

This shop is one of many gems of Old Dhaka, particularly for holding on to Mughal food traditions. Located in Johnson Road, people claim that their faluda, pista (pistachio) shorbot (a pistachio-based milk drink) and lassi (yogurt based smoothie) are all killer items. Some of their drinks are even sold in plastic bottles, in case you would like to bring them back home.

Juicy Jar, Badda

Badda dwellers say that if you ever find yourself in Badda and are thirsty, then it will most definitely be a crime not to visit this shop. Albeit not too big a space, their quality and variety could stand up to that of any higher-end restaurants. Alongside serving fresh fruit juices, it also has a selection of smoothies, shakes, and cold coffees—something for every taste and/or mood.

Shahi Juice Corner, Lalbagh

Ever visited the Lalbagh Fort? Then you must have heard locals rave about another little shop (or rather, space) selling the freshest of juices and shakes. Situated near the Lalbagh Shahi Mosque (hence its name), this shop has been a fan favourite for years and years. Almost all of the drinks are made fresh in front of the customers, so you will mostly find seasonal fruit in your juice/smoothie options. These drinks could be the best end to a day of sightseeing in Lalbagh, particularly in this scorching summer heat.

The Juice Factory, Malibagh

The Juice Factory is located in Malibagh, Chowdhurypara. This juice shop is well-loved by locals because of the very affordable prices and because their juices are available in many different sizes. You can enjoy the juice there or take home for your family and friends. They feature a variety of fruit and vegetable juices on their menu, along with smoothies, shakes, lassis, coffees, refreshers etc.

I have always been a huge fan of fruit juices and smoothies. However, it is not always easy or convenient to make either of those drinks at home to quench your thirst. This summer, if you have an unquenchable thirst for a fruity beverage, then do hit up one of the above places in your spare time. Their drinks are sure to make your day a whole lot better, while making sure that you remain hydrated!

So, what do you think are the top juice places in Dhaka? Let us know in comments