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Tangail is a district of Dhaka division in central region of Bangladesh. The subdivision of Tangail was established in 1870. Tangail became a district on December 1, 1969.The district consists of 5 corporations, 8 municipalities, 72 wards, 211 mahallas, 103 union parishads and 2431 villages. Tangail is subdivided into 12 subdistricts (upazila). The name of the upuzilas are Tangail Sadar, Sakhipur, Basail, Madhupur, Ghatail, Kalihati, Nagarpur, Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Delduar, Bhuapur and Dhanbari.

Area:3,414.39 km².

Population : 3.2 million . Male 50.02%, female 49.98%.

Religion: Muslim 91.52%, Hindu 7.86%, Christian 0.40%, others 0.22%.

Ethnic Group: Garo, Banshi and Koch .

Boundary: This district is surrounded by the districts like Jamalpur district on the north, the Dhaka and Manikganj districts on the south, the Mymensingh and Gazipur districts on the east, and the Sirajganj district on the west.

Main rivers : The Jamuna, Dhaleshwari, Jhenai, Bangshi, Lohajang, Langulia, Elongjani, Jugni, Fotikjani and the Turag.

Main crops: Paddy, potato, jute, sugarcane, sesame, linseed, wheat, mustard seed and pulse. 49.53% people are involved with agricultural activities.

Major Educational Institution:
There is a Technical University name MAWLANA BHASHANI SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY after the name of the great leader Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani,. located at Santosh, Tangail.
The Government Saadat College was established by Wazed Ali Khan Panni(1926), a zamindar and educationalist of Tangail.
Govt. M.M.Ali College established by Mr. Vasani at Kagmari (1 km away from main city) is one of the topest college in Bangladesh.
Kumudini College established in 1943 by Ranada Prasad Saha (R.P.Saha), philanthropist of Tangail. Later the college was converted into Kumudini Government Women’s College.
Bharateswari Homes( established in 1945) at Mirzapur. This is a exceptional institution in the country.
Mirzapur Cadet College, the third cadet college of Bangladesh established in 1963.This a very renowned institution controlled by Bangladesh Army.
There are 5 Government high schools in the town. Tangail has 4 government colleges, 48 non-government colleges, 3 university colleges, 1 law college, 1 homeopathy college, 1 polytechnic institution, 1 medical assistant training school, 2 nursing institutes, 1 police academy, 1 teachers’ training school.

Tangail is the home of the weavers and world famous for “Tangail Saree” a handloom saree made of both cotton and silk . this sharee is widely used by w omen’s & girls of Bangladesh and Indian origin living all over the world.
Tangail is famous for the special sweet Porabari Cham-Cham.
Madhupur has forests and hilly areas. A lot of Pineapple, Bananas ,jackfruits are planted in Modhupur gor.
Tangail is proud of two of its sons, the Legendary Magician JaduSamrat P.C.Sarkar & First President of Swadhin (independent) Bangladesh Late Abu Syed Chowdhury son of Abdul Hamid Chowdhury.

The famous Kagmari Conference (1957), Sannyasi revolt (1850) and Peasant revolt (1858) were originated from this district. Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani lived for a long time in Santosh near the Tangail town.
During the Liberation War, Abdul Kader Siddiqui of Tangail independently led military operations against Pakistan army. His group, named Kaderia Bahini, led many successful guerrilla operations in this district. This is a unique event of the war because the leader was a civil person. The most noted successful operation of the Kaderia Bahini was the capture of a Pakistani ship with huge amount of arms and ammunitions at Bhuapur.
During the Liberation War, in September 1971 ,”Vobishoth Bahini” founder “Lalmiya”(Md.Shah-Nur-E-Aziz) who was just 12(11y8m) years old then, led his group to assist the “Mitra Bahini(“Indian Satri Bahini” Indian Airdrop Army)” and “Mukti Bahini(Bangladesh Liberation Army)”. Tangail is proud for his Great sons.
In 1996, a devastating tornado caused heavy damage to some subdivisions of Tangail.

Transportation: By road mainly.a new broad gauge line of Bangladesh Railways connected the western and eastern systems recently.

Places of Interest:

  • Tangail has a lot of heritage and also many beautiful places.
  • Historical places are
  • Atia Mosque (1608).
  • Sagardighi.
  • Ichamati Dighi.
  • Nagarpur Dighi.
  • Khamarpara Mosque.
  • Dhanbari Mosque (1685).
  • Dhanbari Zaminderbari.
  • Hemnagar Zaminderbari(Gopalpur).
  • Majar of Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani(Shontosh).
  • Other places of interests are
  • Madhupur Gor .
  • Jamuna resort and the beautiful Jamuna Brige.
  • An ancient tree named Tomal at Gupta Brindaban in Ghatail.

Tangail Town:
It is a small peaceful town within Tangail Sadar. There is a general hospital, one hospital for children and one Diabetic centre in the town. This town has a auditoriam named Bhashani auditorium. Many cultural programs are occurred here. Sometimes this town is called town of coachinf centres for a lot of coaching centres. Some of them are Shristi coaching centre, Shahid Cadet coaching centre, Bulbul coaching centre, Shahin coaching centre etc.

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