Spicy Puffed Rice Magic: A New Dimension to Street Food

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If you are a great lover of street food, it is highly likely that you crave for ‘Jhaal Muri’ a lot! And especially if the street food is from our very own Old Dhaka, definitely it is a royal combination.

Lalbagh Oitijjhobahi Nirapod Muri Bharta‘ is a famous local food corner, that specializes in Muri Bharta. It is situated near Lalbagh fort, more precisely near Lalbagh cross-roads. A decade ago, Mr. A.R. Nur Islam started this food corner just to serve his delicious, newly invented variants of Muri Bharta. His motto was to ensure the hygiene of this popular street food. According to him Muri Bharta sold in the streets are usually unhygienic and he wanted to change that situation. He researched for some years on how to add some uniqueness to the regular Muri Bharta. Years after years, he studied on it and finally has invented around 50 recipes of Muri Bharta! FIFTY!

Jhaal Muri

Jhaal Muri

The shop is not that spacious, but crowded enough. The local people and the tourists love to visit this shop a lot. Among his arsenal of 50, Some of the crowd favorites are Rokomari Muri Bharta, Kasundi Muri Bharta, Mojadar Muri Bharta, Spicy Muri Bharta, Quality Muri Bharta, Ramadan Muri Bharta and so on! These items are worth tasting! I have never imagined that Muri Bharta can be so special out of the regular recipe! Not only Muri Bharta, they also have some Kebab items like Shanu Kebab, Jali Kebab, Nargis Kebab, Shami Kebab and some prawn items. They have a very special drink item, named Shakila Rash, which is similar to Burhani, but tastes very special. Moreover, they have a special kind of tamarind sauce, named Shakila Sauce, which tastes superb!


The shop charges reasonably. Their range starts from Tk 5 to 200. And they also take catering orders.


If you ever plan a visit to Lalbagh, this lovely food corner is worth visiting. The spicy puffed rice salad they offer is just divine and lives up the “food loving” reputation of the old Dhaka.

Happy fooding.