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The information given below is about the Rangpur district of Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. Rangpur district is in the north most division of Bangladesh which is considered the north western centre of Bangladesh. Previously it was under Rajshahi division. Greater Rangpur consists of Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Nilphamari and Gaibandha districts. Rangpur has 3 municipalities, namely, Rangpur Main (Sadar), Badarganj, and Haragach. The 8 upazillas under Rangpur District are: Badarganj, Gangachara, Kaunia, Rangpur Sadar, Mithapukur, Pirgachha, Pirganj and Taraganj.

Area: 2,307.78 km2 (891 sq mi)

Main Rivers: Tista, Jamuneshwari, Korotoya, Chikli and Ghaghat.

Soil condition: Most of its area is composed of alluvial soil of Tista basin and rest of it is Barind land.

Population: 2,534,365 where male are 50.92% and female 49.08%.

Population Density: 109.1/km2 (282.5/sq mi)

Religion: Muslim 89.60%, Hindu 9.59% and others 0.81% (including some ethnic religion)

Ethnic community: Santal and Orao.

Crops: Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Chilli and Tobacco. Rangpur is well known for tobacco processing. Experts say Wheat also has a good prospect in Rangpur district.

Distance from capital: 335 K.M.

Main mode of transportation: Bus (Dhaka to Rangpur to Dhaka)

Specialty: Historical places; Tobacco, cigarettes & cigar production; Cotton carpets

Number of Cantonment(s): 1

Major Educational Institutes: Rangpur Medical College, University of Rangpur, Carmichael College, Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur Zilla School, Rangpur Government College, Begum Rokeya College and Govt. Commercial Institute, Polytechnic Institute, Vocational Institute.

Places of interest:
Tajhat Rajbari (‘Tajhat Palace’, in Rangpur) is a grand old mansion which is very attractive for its look and glorious history. It was used a few years ago as a district court but now it is only a visiting place and museum.

Payrabondh is the birth place of famous activist Begum Rokeya. It’s only a half an hour drive away from Rangpur city which is a historical place and has a museum there.

“Bhinno Jogot” is a big theme park which is situated 15 kilometers from Rangpur Town. There is also a Museum, a Zoo and a public library at the heart of the town.

Some other historic places of Rangpur are Rangpur Town Hall (an ancient auditorium), Hari Mandir, Mitha Pukur, The District magistrate’s office (social reformer Rammohan Roy served here), Carmichael College (built during Raj era), Chicli Vata (surrounded by lakes and paddy fields)

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