Patuakhali District Information

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Patuakhali is a district in the south-western Bangladesh and a part of the Barisal Division. Patuakhali was elevated to a district in 1969. Before that it was a subdivision of Bakerganj district. Patuakhali district consists of 6 upazilas, 3 municipalties, 27 wards, 61 mahallas, 67 union parishads, 566 mouzas and 882 villages. 6 upazilas are Bauphal Upazila, Dasmina Upazila, Galachipa Upazila, Kalapara Upazila, Mirzaganj Upazila, Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, Dumki Upazila and Rangabali Thana.

Area : 3204.58 sq km. The area of the district is composed of some small chars(islands).

Boundary: This district is bounded by BARISAL district on the north, the Bay of Bengal on the south, BHOLA district on the east, BARGUNA district on the west.

Population: 1444340. Among them male are 50.01%, female 49.99%.

Religion: Muslim 91.45%, Hindu 8.39%, Buddhist 0.13%, Christian 0.03%.

Ethnic nationals: Rakhains 13300.

Literacy rate:36.4%; male 42.7%, female 30%.

Weather: Maximum temperature of this district is 33.3°C and minimum 12.1°C. annual rainfall is 2506 mm. The region is beside the sea. So Patuakhali frequently falls victim to tornado and tidal bore.

Main rivers: The Andharmanik, Agunmukha, Payra, Lohalia, Patuakhali and Tentulia.

Main occupation: Agriculture and fishing.

Main crops: Paddy, jute, potato, mug, lentil, khesari, gram, sesame, chilli, mustard, linseed, coriander seed, ground nut, betel leaf, sugarcane, watermelon, vegetables.

Main fruits: Mango, jackfruit, banana, papaya, guava, plum, lemon, coconut, betel nut, palm, wood nut, kaijou nut.

Mills and factories:There are 1Textile mill, 1 jute mill, 39 ice mills, 380 rice mills etc.

Main exports: Fish, dry fish, pottery goods and cereals.

Economical base: Agriculture and fishing.

Marks of War of Liberation:
There are Mass graves inside the old jail compound and at southwestern side of the new jail and at Tulatali. memorial monuments are in front of the old Town Hall, at the premises of Muktiyoddha Sangsad and a memorial monument at the premises of Chikanikandi High School and at Panpatti has been proposed. These are the symbol of our glorious history of 1972.

Educational institutions:
Patuakhali Science and Technology University is situated in this district. Beside this there are 2 government college, 24 non-government college , 2 teacher’s training colleges, 1 primary training institute, 1 polytechnic institute, 1 nursing institute and 3 vocational training institutes in this district. Beside these as like as other districts there are many high schools,junior high schools, madrasas, primary schools, community schools, satellite schools etc.

Transportation facilities: Main transportation ways are by roads and waterways. There is an inland airport too.

Geographical specialty:
Patuakhali is the main entrance for the beach of Kuakata which is famous for watching both the sun rise and sun set. This is called “SagorKonna”, which means daughter of sea.

Patuakhali town:
Patuakhali town is surrounded by rivers in three sides. Among them two major rivers are Laukathi and Lohalia. They are directly connected with the Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal is not so far from the region. In the tidal time some of the regions of Patuakhali city are flooded with the river water. On the entrance of the town there is a bridge that connects Barisal(the divisional city) and Kuakata sea beach. The town consists of 9 wards and 29 mahallas. The area of the town is 5.81 sq km with a population of 62439. Among them male are 53.68%, female 46.32%. The literacy rate among the town people is 61.6%.

Places of interest:
The popular beach Kuakata is in this district. This beach offers decent views of the Bay of Bengal. Here sunrise and sunsets can be seen at a time.
A number of different tribal peoples live in the district. Most of them are from the Mog and Chakma tribal groups.
Patuakhali University of Science and Technology isanother place to see. It is known for agriculture and IT education.
Beside these many archeological heritage related places are here. They are:
• Sutabaria Dayamayee Mandir (1208 BS)
• Gurinda Masjid at Ratandi
• Sreerampur Mian Bari Mosque
• Talukdar Bari Jami Mosque (Dashmina)
• Betagi Sikdaria Jami Mosque
• Dighi of Kaviray-bari (Dashmina)
• Kuakata Buddist Vihara
• Kapradanga Buddhist Math(tample)
• Mistri-para Buddist Vihara (Kalapara)
• Mosque of Ghaseti Begum (1757) at village Shaula
• Pakdal Mian Bari Masjid
• Bauphal Central Kalibari Mandir (1875)
• Kachari (revenue office) of Rajendra Mahendra Babu and of Som at Daspara in Bauphal
• Tomb of Syed Arefin at Kalisuri
• Ashram of Mahendra Pagla
• Dargah of Tamir at Kalaya
• Mitha Pukur (pond) at Daspara
• Kanai Balai dighi(large pond)
• Kamala Rani dighi at Kachua(large pond)
• holy bathing place at Ponahura( for Hindus)
• Tomb of Sultan Fakir at Baufal
• Dol Samudra dighi (large pond)
• Blackhole at Sikdar house of Madanpura
• Rajapur wall and the grave of the horse and groom
• Nurainpur Rajbari
• Shahi Mosque at Masjidbaria of Mirzaganj

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