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Manikganj District is a part of the Dhaka Division and situated in central Bangladesh. The subdivision was established in 1845 and it became a district in 1984. The district consists of 1 municipality, 7 upazilas, 65 union parishads, 1357 mouzas, 9 wards, 49 mahallas and 1647 villages. 7upazilas are

Area: 1378.99 sq km.

Population : 1274829. Among them male are 51.16% and female 48.84%.

Density of population : 2582.

Religion: Muslim 87%, Hindu 12.41%, Christian 0.03%, Buddhist 0.03%, others 0.53%.

Literacy rate: Average literacy rate is 26.9%; male 33.7%, female 20.1%.

Boundary: Manikganj District is bounded by TANGAIL district on the north, DHAKA district on the east, FARIDPUR and Dhaka districts on the south, the PADMA, JAMUNA and the districts of PABNA and RAJBARI on the west.

Weather: Annual temperature of this district is maximum 36°C and minimum 12.7°C. Annual rainfall is 2376 mm.

Major rivers: The Padma, Jamuna, Dhaleshwari, Ichamati and Kaliganga.

Main occupations: Agriculture 37.96%, agricultural labourer 22.25% and commerce 11.97%.

Transportation: Main transportation is by road and by waterways.

Main crops : Paddy, jute, sugarcane, wheat, tobacco, mustard, sesame, potato, ground nut, onion, chilli, garlic, khesari, lentil, leguminous pulse, vegetables etc.

Main fruits: Mango, jackfruit, safeda, banana, papaya, guava, coconut, palm, kamranga etc.

Educational institutions:There are 1 primary training institute, 1 vocational training institute ,24 colleges, 130 high schools, 7 junior high school , 87 madrasa, 1 music school and a lot of primary school, NGO operated school, community school, adult education centre, satellite school etc.

Marks of Liberation war: Mass killing site are in Saturia Pilot High School compound, Primary Training Institute campus, Tara-ghat, house of Balai Babu.
Mass grave are situated by the side of Thana pond.
Memorial monuments are situated at a place adjacent to the Manikganj Bus-stand, memorial monument at village Terasree in Ghior upazila.

Notable person: Manikgonj district is the home district of Economist & Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen.Manikganj is proud of him.

Places of interest
• Tomb of Shah Rustam
• Forts at Fordnagar and DhakiJora
• Imampara Jami Masjid
• Teota Rajbari ,Neel-kuthi (Shivalaya upazila)
• Neel-kuthi at Bimile (sadar upazila)
• Baira Neel-kuthi
• Navaratna temple (Teota)
• Baliati Zamindar Bari
• Ekdala fort
• Machain Mosque
• Dhankora Zamindar-bari
• Katasgarh fort
• Ibrahim Shah tomb (Singair upazila)
• Matta temple
• Sree Sree Anandamayee Kalibari
• Rajani Bhaban and Jhobhat Bhaban
• Narayan Sadhu Asram
• Sivabari Mandir
• Fort at Fordnagar
• Ananda Kuthi and Mandir
• Senabari and Durga-mandap
• Daschira Buddha-vihara and stupa
• Tepra Kali Mandir
• Baliati Zamindar Palace
• Dhankora Zamindar-bari
• Tomb of Kalu Shah
• Gauranga Math (Saturia upazila)
• Neel-kuthi at village Sreebari Baratia
• Panch-thubi Bauddha-vihara (Ghior)
• Jhitka Lokmania Dargah (Harirampur)

Historical events:
The historical battle between the Mughal army and the combined forces of the Bara Bhuiyans under Musa Khan Occured at Jatrapur and Dakchara on the Ichamati (under Harirampur upazila) is now under this disrtrict.
This district has contribution for indigo revolution.During the The anti-British revolution, revolutionists under Hiralal Mohanta of Manikganj town initially looted the postal despatch on 12 February, 1932.
During the War of Liberation in 1971, Manikganj district contributed a lot.
Manikgonj subdivision turned into a district in 1984.
One of the world’s worst tornado in case of loss of life happened on the April 26, 1989 in Manikgonj . onitially 1,300 people died and 12,000 were injured.

Manikganj Town: Manikganj is a peaceful town at the bank of River Kaliganga .This town consists of 9 wards and 49 mahallas. The area of the town is 20.59 sq km with a population of 53161. Among them male are 51.16% and female 48.84%. density of population is 2582. And Literacy rate is 49.9%. Late Siddiqur Rahman was the first zila porishad chairman and Member of Perliament.In Manikgonj Town different schools and colleges are situated. Government Devendra College, Khan Bahadur Awlad Hossain Khan Degree College, Manikgonj Model High School, Manikgong Government Boy’s High School, Surendrakumar Governmrnt Girl High Schhool, Khan Bahadu Awlad Hossain Khan High School are notable.

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