Langtang Trek Diary – Day 6 (Langtang)

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A small change of plans were made. Instead of going on a day hike to Tsergo Ri, I decided to rest. And as I was not going on that 6 hours hike, there no need to stay in Kyanjin Gompa for a second night. Instead we decided to head back to Langtang to reduce the duration of next day’s trek.

This was the most beautiful day of this trek. The valley from Kyanjin Gompa to Langtang is absolutely stunning with clear blue skies. I took my time, slowly talking towards the destination, admiring the hills & the mountains, the yaks & the horses, the waterfalls & the streams! At one time I just lied down beside the trail and tries to take everything in. I am just a small town kid – how am I here? I kept thinking how much I love my life – I love my family, I love my career, I love the way I travel. What more can I ask from life?

Langtang to Kyanjin Gompa

By lunch, I was at Langtang. My guide was already waiting for me there. I actually preferred walking alone. It takes the pressure off from finishing together. To me, and to most other, treks are not about the destination, its more about the each step you take. Also I really enjoy the solitude – what a good change from the life in Dhaka.

Back at the lodge, I spent what was left of my day shooting photos and videos (I brought my tripod and never actually ended up using it) and chatting with other trekkers. Tomorrow is the long trek back to Lama Hotel.

October 7, 2018

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