Langtang Trek Diary – Day 3 (Lama Hotel)

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I don’t think I can do it! Today we walked 8 hours and I feel like I have no knees (I have uric acid influx). It’s extremely painful to bend the knee, even when I am lying in bed. It’s like Namche Bazar once again, yet somehow this feels worse. I can just pray, that after the sleep I feel better. Even if I can’t climb any peaks I just want to reach the end.


The walk today was beautiful. We followed a trail along the Langtang River, crossing and overlooking tens of beautiful waterfalls. There were flowers growing in the lush vegetation and it was buzzing of cricket sounds. At one point I thought I saw a dog! But how did the dog get on a tree?! It was actually a gang of wild Langur monkeys. I have never seen such big monkeys so up-close, uncaged. It was a fascinating moment. They were jumping from tree to tree. Some were white, some dark.

lama hotel langtang

We rest tonight at Sherpa Lodge at Lama Hotel. It’s right beside a beautiful bend of the Langtang River. At dinner time, we sat in the common room with beautiful conversation filling the cold air. We found one English doctor, in this late 60s telling incredible stories about this travels, summits and treks he is still making till now. He told us about the “Hippie Trail” in the 60s and 70s. A second guy in the dining hall, traveling alone, said he had also made the same hippie trail! How fascinating was that! Here I am, sitting in the corner, with doubts in my mind. How can I be this cool? Will my child think that I am cool?

Subi came and briefed us about tomorrow’s trek. He looked at me and said, “Willpower is everything”. Let’s see tomorrow.

October 4, 2018
Sherpa Lodge, Lama Hotel

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