Brac CDM Rajendrapur, Gazipur

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BRAC CDM or BCDM in Rajendrapur, Gazipur is located in Rajendrapur. Though it covers a large enough area, it seems a bit old. The rooms themselves are nice but there isn’t much to do outside. When I asked the reception about what I can do in the evening, they replied with boating and cycling – though I did not try those out myself.

Room: The rooms are moderate to big, however the bed was a disappointment. During booking they told us that the beds were queen sized, but in reality, they were just “double debs”. As I was traveling with a toddler, I ended up sleeping on the floor. The bed should have been bigger [as they claimed it was queen sized].

Food: Food was tasty but the selection of items were very limited. During lunch buffet, we only had mutton, fish, vegetables, rice and polau. No chicken or beef or any other option. Dinner was fried rice and chowmein. They even charged extra for any kind of drinks. Very disappointing. I  did not have their breakfast.

Service: Service was very good, even though they were understaffed due to covid.

  • Location: Rajendrapur, Gazipur 1700, Bangladesh
  • Room Rent/Price per room: room rent starts from 5000 taka per night
  • Wifi: wifi available
  • Room Service: Room service available
  • Hot Water: Hot water available in rooms
  • Breakfast: free breakfast available with room
  • Phone Number: +88001787680928