How to Go to Kuakata by Bus & Launch

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Unlike the other sandy beaches of Bangladesh, Kuakata Beach is certainly cleaner and closer to nature! If you can endure the longer journey to reach Kuakata then it will surely be worth it. This place is also known as “the daughter of the sea” or the “daughter of the forest” for it’s close tie with the mangrove forest and the Bay of Bengal. This is the only place where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset at the sea horizon. But for me, being a “lifestyle observer” rather than a “tourist”, the main attraction was the many fishing villages spread through-out Kuakata beach, the very cheap price of coconuts and bike rides through the outskirts of the mangrove forest by the beach.


How to Go to Kuakata

There are a few options available on hand:

  1. Go to Kuakata directly by Bus (8 hours)
  2. Take a launch/Ship to Barishal and then take a bus to Kuakata (12 hours)
  3. Take a launch/Ship to Patuakhali and then take a bus to Kuakata (12-13 hours)

Among these the first one is the most convenient and the second one is the most enjoyable. The third would have been enjoyable too but there are no good quality Launches available compared to the Barishal route.

Dhaka to Kuakata by Bus

Compared to just 5 years back, it is much easier to go from Dhaka to Kuakata now. Though you will have to cross four ferries on the way, which takes a lot of time (around 2 to 4 hours depending on the ferry queue) – bridges are being built to make this journey faster. Here is some necessary information about the bus services running there.

Name Destination Coach Type Ticket Price
Desh Paribahan Pvt. Ltd Patuakhali Non AC 400
Desh Paribahan Pvt. Ltd Kuakata Non AC 450
Dola Paribahan Ltd Patuakhali Non AC 340
Grameen Service Pvt. Ltd Kuakata Non AC 450
Kuakata Express Kuakata Non AC 450
Meghna Travel Pvt. Ltd Patuakhali Non AC 450
Ontora Paribahan Patuakhali Non AC 450
Ontora Paribahan Kuakata Non AC 700
Rumin Paribahan Ltd Patuakhali Non AC 400
Sugandha Paribahan Kuakata Non AC 350

You can reach within 200 meters from Kuakata sea beach with these buses. They leave at night 10.30 PM to 12.00 PM near the Gabtoli Bus Stand or Technical Bus Stand.

Phone Numbers of Intercity Bus Services

Dhaka To Kuakata By Launch or Boat

If you want to make this trip truly memorable, you will have to hop on a launch or water vessel from Dhaka towards Patuakhali or Barishal. By this not only you can spend a few hours at one of these 2 cities (more like suburbs), but you can spend an amazing night on the Launch enjoying the cool breeze of the river and a clear starry sky. From Patuakhali or Barishal you need to get on a bus. It will take around 3-4 hours from Barishal and 2-3 hours from Patuakhali, counting the 3 ferries you will have to cross. Tickets are around 180Tk from Barishal.

Launches leave three times daily from the Dhaka to Patuakhali/Barishal – 5.30, 6.30 and 7.00 PM. Sundarban, Sattar Khan , Achol and Saikot Waterway conducts these services.

  • Single Cabin: 350 tk
  • Double Cabin: 600 tk
  • VIP AC Cabin: 700 tk
  • Deck Chair: 150 tk

The bus stop in Kuakata is only 150 meters away from the beach! So, though you maybe a little tired of the long journey… you will be immediately rewarded with a splendid view at the end.