Everest Base Camp Trek Diary – Day 8 (Lobuche)

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Nauto started having headache from last evening. The morning hasn’t brought any good luck either. But he is determined to go forward to Lobuche. Sho said with broken English “there is a good Japanese word – Sickness is Mind”. I understood what he meant. We were all very tired but none of us wanted to quit so close to our goal. My legs were very tired and I was going out of breath very easily. I needed to rest for 10 seconds every 30 steps. But I was acclimatizing very well. Haven’t had a headache since Namche Bazar.

Today’s hike consisted of 3 hours of “Nepali flat” and 3 hours of “Nepali climb” – all of which felt like “climbing to the heavens” to me. We climbed around 800 meters today to reach Lobuche – the last stop before we reach Everest Base Camp. I was so happy – I felt like dancing! And the Bollywood music playing in the Alpine Inn only helped the cause.

Sho, who was the strongest one in our group, started having severe headaches. To acclimatize faster we went to climb a nearby hill. We were so excited we climbed it like a bunch of mountain goats. From the top of that hill, we could see a glacier and the bits of Everest Base Camp as well. And that’s when it started. Sho’s headache got stronger and I started to have it too. We knew it was over for us, when we couldn’t eat a bite at dinner.

Emergency helicopter out of Lobuche

Now that I think of it, going up that hill was a good idea, but we should have taken it slow. The only reason we got the headache is because we climbed too quickly. The irony is, my headache was all better by the morning, but I had already called the emergency helicopter last night and there was no way to cancel it. I am just a small town kid! Is this the highest I will ever get to be? Until next time…

23/24 February, 2016

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