How to Go to Sylhet from Dhaka: Bus, Train, Air

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Sensational Sylhet is the city of the northeast corner in Bangladesh and known as the “Holy place of Hajrat Shahjalal”. But not only the pilgrims go there, it is the tea capital of Bangladesh and has a breathtaking view of greenish paradise of tea garden slopes. The whole city is like a garden made by God’s own hand, air is pollution free, the food is mouth-watering. People there is helpful and warm, you have to go more than one time to discover the natural beauties there. There is much to see, more to explore. Not just the city and surroundings, Madhavkund water fall in Sreemangal, Lauachara Reserve Forest, world known tea gardens are there to allure you.


Dhaka to Sylhet By Bus

The transportation to Sylhet from the capital city has some nice and cozy bus services, flexible to all classes of people. The roads are smooth, you will be amazed to see the roadside scenario and lifestyle throughout the way. There are three kinds of coaches available from dawn to midnight in every half an hour. Executive AC will cost around 1100-1200 tk per seat. Another Econonomy AC seat is for 750-1000 tk. For budget transportation people use a non AC chair coach, which is 350-500tk per seat.

Here is a helpful list of offered bus services for this journey.

Al Mobarak Paribahan Non AC 400
Ena Paribahan Non AC 470
Ena Paribahan AC Economy 750
Green Line AC Economy 850
Green Line AC Executive 1100
Hanif Enterprise Non AC 450
Mamun Enterprise Non AC 350
Nazim Paribahan Non AC 400
NP Paribahan Non AC 400
Ruposi Bangla Paribahan Beanibazar Non AC 350
Shohagh Paribahan AC Executive 1100
Shohagh Paribahan AC Economy 900
Shyamoli Paribahan Non AC 470
Soudia Paribahan Non AC 440
Soudia Paribahan AC Executive 1100
Soudia Paribahan AC Economy 900
Unique Service Non AC 440
United Paribahan Non AC 480


Phone Numbers of Intercity Bus Services

Travel Tip: There are two routes from Dhaka. One is Sayedabad-Sylhet and another one is Mohakhali-Uttara-Sylhet; whichever suits you best. It usually takes 6-7 hours to reach Sylhet from Dhaka, so I will suggest the night coaches. But if you take the early morning’s first bus, you will be the eyewitness of an overwhelming road-side, well-planned tree plantation beside the highway and they will appear like a greenish crown with gems of local seasonal flowers.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Train

You can take a night journey for saving your time, but it will be a sheer unjust to your tourist entity. There is no word to give details about the landscape on your way to Sylhet. You will discover thousands of shades of green in the working field of planters. Nearing destination, magnificent view of tea gardens, their functioning tea-workers with a basket over their head, will give you gesture, to come and forget all urban sufferings. So, if you want to spend some more time than a regular weekend, I recommend you a rhythmic train journey. Bangladesh Railway has four intercity express trains, helping you to travel effortless. Here is chart of them, with their off-days.

Name Departure  Arrival  Price (Tk)  Off Day 
Parabat Express 6:40 13:35 150-1020 Tuesday
Joyantika Express 12:00 19:50 150-1020 Thursday
Upaban Express 21:50 5:30 150-1020 Wednesday
Kalani Express 16:00 22:45 150-1020 Friday

But it will be wise to make sure about train schedules from their website or station.

Dhaka to Sylhet By Air

Journey by air is the fastest medium of travel and there is more than a few companies to fly you to Sylhet. There is highly professional Osmani International Airport, third international airport in Bangladesh. Biman Bangladesh is the government oriented airline and the others are from the private sector, serving there.

Name Departure Arrival Price (Tk)
Biman Bangladesh 6:00/16:30 6:40/17:10 4000-6600
United Airways 17:35 18:25 6000-8500
NovoAir 13:10 13:50 6000-8000


So, what do you think? Pack your luggage and get out! The daughter of nature is calling you, you can go with your loved one, family or with a bunch of buddies. There are some moments and places in Sylhet, for which you don’t have to pay a penny. Just open your eyes and soak it all in. It will unfold a mystic and astounding panorama in front of you.