7 Things to Do in Saint Martin’s Island

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Set yourself free from stress and routines. Travel and unwind. Complete with coconut palms, crystal clean water and kindhearted locals, there’s nothing else to do but enjoy St. Martin Island’s clean beaches and getting a nice tan. Though it’s a tropical place, mosquitoes wouldn’t be a problem. The best time to visit is from November to February when the weather conditions are at its best. Here are some suggestions on how to best spend your days and live worry-free in St. Martin Island, Bangladesh:

1. The island is only 8 km² which makes it possible to explore the whole island in a day by foot. Bring some sunscreen, water and especially a pair of sandals because you might not be able to resist wading through the water. It will take you around 1.5-2 hours walking the length of the island. It will be an exciting stroll and a great way for losing some fat too.


2. There are no motor vehicles that roam the island, not even a motorcycle. Imagine a pollution-free community! The only other way to see the island if you opted out from walking is through the flatbed cycle-rickshaw (popularly known as van). These are great for those who cannot walk long distances. Drivers are courteous and polite. But make sure you negotiate and fix a price for the ride before getting in.

3. A boat ride to Chera Dwip is a must do! You can either hire a speed boat or a local fishing boat which will take to Chera Dwip. It is an extension to the island surrounded by coral. This extended island has beautiful small beaches and Keya plantations – a great place to capture some photos. This extension goes under water in high tide and is walkable otherwise. If you dont’ want to come here by boat, you can walk to Chera dwip too.


4. Exciting things are yet to happen. After a day spent in walking, riding or boating or all three, you can relax with your loved ones and the moon. There’s a rocky peninsula called Sunset Point where you can moon-watch or stargaze. Stargazing or basking in the moonlight in Saint Martin’s Island is on many tourists’ to-do list as there will be no electicity in the whole island after 10pm. So the island is left in complete darkness and this is one of the only places in Bangladesh where you can enjoy the true beauty of a starry night.

5. A never-to-miss adventure is the scuba diving. You won’t enjoy much of the sea if you don’t experience this. Oceanic Scuba Dive Center is the only operational diving center in the island and is being run by ex-navy divers so it’s safe to think that you’re in good hands.

6. Never leave a place without trying their food. Lined the beaches are hotels and restaurants where you can sample local dish. Best set up by Narikel Jinjira Restaurant is a barbecue dinner in the late afternoon. You can even buy fresh catch from the local fishermen and have them barbecued for dinner. Delicious food for empty stomachs and best interior design for their eyes to feast on. They intended to give the flavor and the environment with their visitors’ health in mind. They let you “dine with a view”. But my favorite is the beach side huts that will bbq fresh fish and crabs.

7. In visiting places, you must never leave without a memento to take home with you. Except from the photos, you can bring home different souvenirs to your love ones left home. Best is their dried fish or shutki which does not rot so fast. You can have them at a very low price. Other items you can find are t-shirts, hats, sandals, shoes and many more.

The to-do lists mentioned above are mere suggestions. These are best to be experienced rather than recommended. Come, visit the St. Martin Island in Bangladesh.